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Watch Bunny Stand Up to Kitty in a War of Adorableness

In this wicked skirmish between a fierce feline and a battle-ready bunny, we're slain by all the cuteness!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 25th 2012

Okay, we’re kind of loving the tough kitties we’ve been seeing on Catster lately. First we had boxing kittens and the fearless guard cat who casually swats off a bear, and now we’ve got a kitty and a bunny in a wrestling match. Totally adorable? Yes!

Although natural-born enemies, this kitten and rabbit seem to be engaged in a friendly wrestling match. Even though cats are keen predators and rabbits are typically prey, this bunny puts up a pretty good fight. You might even say that the bunny takes the kitty out! Or maybe the kitten just let the rabbit win … for now. Maybe he was just getting a taste of the bunny to see what to cook him with for dinner. A little rosemary, perhaps? Red wine or white wine? Just kidding!

The kitten seems to be sparring with the bunny the way he would with a feline brother or sister, so it’s easy to imagine that the two very different animals have been raised together and see each other as friends and not enemies.

One thing is for sure: That bunny has some killer moves. A couple times he seems to totally stun the kitten into submission, and that’s not something you see every day.