Next Time Remember to Throw a Dryer Sheet in With the Cat!


Man, don’t you hate it when you walk out of the bathroom and there’s a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe? And then none of your friends bother to tell you about it and you spend the rest of the night with a paper trail in tow?

Don’t you hate it when — even worse — a balloon gets stuck to your butt? That’s the worst.

Wait, no, that’s never happened to you?

Hm. Well, then the cat in this video must feel especially embarrassed to know that “static cling butt” doesn’t happen to everyone, and that he’s the only one stuck with a balloon that does not respect personal space. Behold:

Our favorite part is when kitty gives up the fight and tries to play it all cool, like, “What? Oh, this balloon? This is a special adornment … to uh, attract the lady cats.”

To add insult to injury, someone is filming this instead of lending a paw. Kitty’s humans are cruel and can expect a hairball or two where they least expect it. Perhaps in an unattended shoe? The best part of being a cat is sweet revenge.

Top Photo: Striped kitten and two balloons by Shutterstock

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