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Attack of the Giant Hungry Cats!

Watch these monsters terrorize a small house and its curiously doll-like inhabitants. You are not safe! No one is safe!

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 2nd 2012

Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Head for the hills! There are mutated giant kitties on the loose, and they’re attacking homes throughout the land!

We all know that when possessed by hunger, cats can become downright evil. Remember Ted the Kitten and his glowing demon eyes? When starvation strikes, the adorable mewing of kittens can turn into an otherworldly growl of aggression. Don’t mess with hungry cats.

In fact, some hungry cats have been known to transform into Meowzillas, growing a thousand times their size and destroying everything in their path with fire-breathing hisses.

The worst, however, is when these giant monster cats attack you in your own homes, scratching down the doors, pawing through the windows, and ripping your toilet right out of the bathroom. Don’t take the toilet! Anything but the toilet!

What’s the lesson here, Catsters? Never underestimate the power of a hungry kitty. They will stop at nothing for a can of tuna. They will destroy our transit systems and demolish our homes. They will claw your toes until you get out of bed to feed them. They don’t care if the sun’s not up yet. It’s time to feed the cat!

Of course, once kitty is fed, he’s very easy to subdue — he might even fall asleep on his feet.

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