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7 Cat Photos That Should Have Their Own Album Covers

Some cats' photos just scream "punk rock" or "boy band," or beg to be on the cover of a country album.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 6th 2017

Cats are so expressive, and we often capture those expressions in fantastic photos … when our kitties allow us the honor of capturing their images. Good luck with that, right?

Musicians sit for hours in photo shoots trying to create the best look for their album covers. This achievement can take forever and cost a lot. When (and if) our cats cooperate for a photo, we can snap album-quality pics for free.

Here are seven photos of cats that are worthy of album covers, along with possible song titles we’d find on their hot new recordings.

1. Boy band

New Kits on the Block.

New Kits on the Block. Photo via Flickr

The latest boy band’s album would be full of bubble-gum pop favorites that make all the young females howl with delight. They’d have a popularity window of only about a year, though — then one might make it as a solo artist and we’d hear about the others’ catnip addiction in the feline tabloids. Oh, dear.

Some hits would include:

“Goodbye Forever” (a post-neuter lament)

“Girl, I’m Climbin’ the Curtains Over You”

“Seven Minutes in the Linen Closet”

2. Artsy, indy solo artist

Living among a bunch of squares.

Living among a bunch of squares. Photo via Flickr

This guy would record Radiohead-esque songs and perform with his eyes closed and a pained look on his face. He’d probably break out into unexpected, wild dance moves between verses, during which the crowd would completely lose their s**t.

Some hits would include:

“Meow into the Abyss”

“Valerian Vision”


3. Punk band

Never Mind the Paw-llocks.

Never Mind the Paw-llocks. Photo via Flickr

Some cats love to scream and have over-the-top personalities and opinions. These total anarchists would do well in the punk genre. They’d have no qualms about sticking it to “the man,” even if “the man” is the one who fills their food dishes.

Some hits would include:

“Grain-Free Riot”

“Screw Vaccinations (Give Me Rabies)”

“Pillow Vomit”

4. New Age performer

Forget Yanni -- here's Yawn-i.

Forget Yanni — here’s Yawn-i. Photo via Flickr

The gentle vibe of new age music would appeal to some cats who are ready to break into the feline music industry. They probably nursed along to Enya and were litter box trained to the likes of Yanni. They’d spend their days meditating in the sun with the sounds of Tibetan bells ringing through their dreams, with visions of dust particles floating in the air.

Some hits would include:

“At One With the Moth”

“Poultry Dreams”

“Sacred Geometry of the Laundry Basket”

5. Country solo artist

Home-grown hits.

Home-grown hits. Photo via Flickr

No feline album collection would be complete without at least one classic country selection. This would, of course, include tracks about lost love, the mouse that got away, and broken-down shipping boxes. Unlike human country artists, however, the cats would refuse to wear cowboy hats.

Some hits would include:

“Bubba Stole My Shoe Box”

“Catnip Makes Her Frisky”

“Goodbye Tabby, Hello Heartbreak”

6. Rap supergroup

"Thownin' down rhymes and throwin' up hairballs."

“Thownin’ down rhymes and throwin’ up hairballs.” Photo via Flickr

These hot rappers would come together to form a supergroup that’d go on to break the charts. They’d pack stadiums around the world with their rad rhymes and sweet spins. At first they would attempt to perform with giant gold chains around their necks, but they’d soon became distracted, pawing at the chains during live shows. This would create mayhem with the audience, who wouldn’t be able to decide whether they were annoyed or entertained.

Some hits would include:

“I Like Big Mutts and I Cannot Lie”

“Let Me Be Blunt: Pass the Catnip”

“F**k the Vet”

7. Singer-songwriter

"You'll never truly understand me."

“You’ll never truly understand me.” Photo via Flickr

This cat would focus on folk-style tunes with heart-felt lyrics about life, love and poetry. She’d sit on a stool during shows and tell little stories about each song before performing it. Her Instagram account would be packed with pics with all kinds of funky filters and hip captions about her travels and musings on the meaning of life. Also, there would be photos of her organic catnip farm.

Some hits would include:

“Purr With Me a Little Longer”

“That Night on the Cat Tree (Changed Me Forever)”

“I Want to Share a Faucet With You”

What kind of album would your cat record? Share a couple of song titles in the comments!