The 6 Ways Cats Will Photobomb You

Kitties love to sabotage photos. Here are the top (and really funny) ways they do it.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 9th 2013

Are you ready for a shocker? Cats are not the most cooperative beings. When we call them, they don’t look our way, but instead cock an ear or flick a tail to let us know they’re blatantly ignoring us. When we want to cuddle them, they generally will have nothing to do with us — but if they insist on snugggling up to make biscuits on our belly, we better drop everything and get ready to feel kneaded.

And forget about getting the perfect photo the the first time around. Not only will kitty make us work for that pic, she’ll jump in and sabotage any other non-her photo we’re attempting to snap.

Each feline photobomb comes with its own intention. Some are more in-your-face than others, but they all have one thing in common: They wreck our efforts at capturing that flawless photo. Here are six types of cat photobombs.

1. The subtle photobomb of disapproval

This type of photobomb is a great way to convey sarcasm: “I want you to see my disapproval, but I also want you to notice I don’t care enough to fully place myself inside your silly little frame. In fact, you’re lucky you get to see me at all — I’m pretty busy.” This move sends a strong signal of both criticism and arrogance, both of which come naturally to felines. Despite their aloof facade, the cat will return for more of these photobombs, proving that cats can never find enough opportunities to bask in the splendor of superiority.

2. The obvious photobomb of disapproval

In this more brazen brand of photobomb, the cat clearly desires to send a strong message of repugnance. She places her perfectly focused, disapproving face well within the frame and maintains a position that will undoubtedly ruin the special moment to be captured in the pic. She wants no misunderstandings — she’s irritated and she wants the world to see her annoyance. This is the equivalent of a cat unapologetically flipping off a human.

3. The subtle photobomb of narcissism

This maneuver is mostly the result of a cat trying to make herself the center of attention, but not moving quickly enough to finish the effect. The instigator is oftentimes a newbie to this play and, unfortunately, the sloppiness of the amateur move makes the photobomber look more desperate and less self-centered. In fact, she’s not centered at all.

4. The obvious photobomb of narcissism

The cat who uses this one knows how to work a photobomb. She pokes her entire head into the frame just before the photographer notices her presence, hijacking the snapshot. When we remove her from the area, she creeps back in and pops up in each subsequent shot. She’s like a tiny, conceited, photobombing ninja. She cannot be contained.

5. The subtle photobomb of tomfoolery

This photobomb has the word “shenanigan” written all over it. The kitty disrupts the photo only slightly, just enough to ruin its perfection. The cat who fancies this tactic is an intelligent trickster. She knows the art of stealth and is skilled in pushing a prank just far enough to make mischief, but not far enough to get caught.

6. The obvious photobomb of tomfoolery

Jokesters who throw this curveball like to cause scenes and don’t care who sees them. They’re the streakers of the feline photobombing crowd. Their main objective is to effectively destroy the entire photograph (and then show not an ounce of remorse). The more they can wreck the shot, the better. A cat proficient in this play considers each photobomb opportunity a challenge to see just how much of the frame she can commandeer and how creatively she can block the subject being photographed.

Do you cats use any of these photobomb tactics? Tell us about it in the comments!

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