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Baths Happen: 10 Photos of Soggy Kitties

Cats don't have a sense of humor about bath time, but we sure do. This is hilarious.

Dorian Wagner  |  Aug 13th 2012

Cats do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves, but sometimes, not matter how hard they try and avoid it … baths happen. And we’ve collected the photos.

It’s amazing how the fluffiest, biggest cats can end up looking so tiny when you add a little water. We want to reach through the computer and smooch every single one of their soggy faces!

Somehow water doesn’t taste as good when it’s on me. Photo by Coco Palm.

She said the “wet look” was in. I think she lied to me. Photo by joeltelling.

Little kitty is a little soggy. Photo by Yukionna.

At least this spa offers warm towels after. Photo by Dibble9.

There better be treats after this, lady! Photo by barneydog1972.

I may be clean, but I am not amused. Photo by CafeMagazine.

Theo in the tub. Photo by Joshua Daniel O.

My ears don’t look this big when I’m fluffy. I swear. Photo by ze Demented Kitten.

Smooch my soggy face! Photo by d_listy.

Ugh. Now I have to lick all this water off. Thanks a lot! Photo by phoenixfeather.