Is Your Phone puRRing? A New Ringtone Features Cat Videos


We know you’re down with your witty ringtones for the people in your life — the theme from Jaws for your mother-in-law, “Take This Job and Shove It” for your workplace, “I Hate U” by Prince for your spouse.

You’re a funny person. But maybe you’ve gone a bit dark? And you’re terrified that your mother-in-law will call you when she’s within earshot of your phone and you’ll have to spend the several Sundays inviting her to brunch to calm her down. Why not relieve some of this stress in your life with a ringtone that will put a smile on not only your face but also that of the people in your life who are in listening range and maybe a bit tired of your sense of humor?

Why not have a ringtone that plays cat videos?


That can be your reality, thanks to puRRing, the first-ever cat-video ringtone. It works like this: Someone calls you, and instead of someone’s face popping up on your phone accompanied by, say, the audio from the shower scene in Psycho, you get an honest-to-God cat video — a cute one, too. Watch this video from the company that created it, Vnyg, to see how fun getting a call will be in your new cat-enhanced world:

“We’re all stuck looking at this dull screen every time our phones ring or vibrate,” head of puRRing marketing Matt Yanofsky told the Daily Dot. “We thought there was an opportunity to replace that vast void with something that you love and makes you happy.”

A great thing about this app? Your annoyance that someone actually called instead of texting you will be tempered by the fact that you’ll get to look at a cute cat video. And then, of course, you can keep looking at the cute cat video until the call goes to voicemail, thus further relieving your annoyance by not having to talk to anyone after all. It’ll be as if the person just sent you a cute cat video out of the blue! (Make sure to thank her with a quick text.)


Another great benefit was noted by the Daily Dot article: Phone calls are scary. They are uncertain. Hearing a ringtone blare sends your anxiety up a couple of notches, especially when you look at your phone and don’t recognize the number or see a family member you haven’t spoken to in ages. Much better to have a cat video mood-booster to help you ease into the pool of direct social engagement.

And if the call is bad news? Remember: Just last month, science proved that thinking about cats helps ease the pain of social rejection. If you think someone is about to break up with you, we recommend installing this ASAP — or break up with the person first. That always seems to work out.

Get the ringtone here for Android.

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