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4 DIY Cat Beds Using Baskets You Can Make at Home (Vet-Approved With Pictures)

Written by: Christian Adams

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

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4 DIY Cat Beds Using Baskets You Can Make at Home (Vet-Approved With Pictures)


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If you’re like most cat owners, you’ve probably seen dozens of different DIY cat beds over the years. But have you ever considered using a basket as your kitty’s bed? It’s an inexpensive and easy way to provide your feline friend with a fun place to sleep, and it’s a great way to use things you already have around the house! All you need are some basic supplies and a little creativity.

Here are a few ideas for transforming different types of baskets into a variety of beds that can both comfort and entertain your pet.

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The 4 DIY Cat Bed Ideas Using Baskets

1. Wall Hanging Cat Bed by Martha Stewart

Wall Hanging Cat Bed by Martha Stewart
Image Credit: Martha Stewart
Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Found basket, fabric, foam or cushion, 8 fender washers 1/4”, 4 screws 1/4 Inch
Tools: Drill

This wall-hanging cat bed is a great way to save space in a small home and have your cat always close by. The best part is that it’s easy to make and looks great. Your cat can release their inner wild tiger by climbing up into this perch, and once they are there, they can observe everything happening in the home.

Once you find the right basket with a flat bottom, test how high you want to hang it on the wall. Next, you can puncture four holes in the bottom (at roughly every corner of the basket) to put the screws through. To stop the screws from tearing through the basket and better distribute the weight, you will use the washers. Put one washer on the inside of the basket and one at the back for each hole. Then you can thread the screws through to secure the washers, so they sandwich the basket.

Next, mark the spots on the wall where you will attach the basket. It will work best if you slightly pre-drill the holes before hanging the whole basket. Drill the screws through the washers and make sure the bed is tightly affixed to the wall for your cat’s safety. Lastly, place a cushion or fabric in the basket to make it super cozy!

2. The Window Bed by Hymns & Verses

The Window Bed by Hymns & Verses
Image Credit: Hymns & Verses
Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Basket, rope, thin piece of plywood, 2 shelf brackets, screws, curtain rod, cushion or blanket
Tools: Drill

To make this window bed, you will need to find a basket that is large enough for your cat. It also needs to be flat on the bottom to sit next to the window like a shelf. Baskets used for storing clothes in the closet are a good option to repurpose for this bed.

To hang the bed, you will first need to hold the basket up to the wall and measure where the bottom of the basket hits the wall. Make a light mark with a pencil. This will guide where you hang the shelf brackets. Using the drill and some screws, you can hang the shelf brackets. Place the thin plywood sheet on top.

Next, you will tie the rope to the corners of the basket and hang it from the curtain rod above. Rest the back of the basket on the shelf brackets, and then you can adjust the rope to the right tension to make sure the basket is both flat and level as well as secure. Finish it up by placing the cushion or blanket inside, and your cat will have a new comfy spot where they can spy on the squirrels in the tree outside. We would not recommend this bed for heavy or large cats or with children in the house for safety reasons.

3. The Macramé Hammock by Cuckoo4Design

The Macramé Hammock by Cuckoo4Design
Image Credit: Cuckoo4Design
Difficulty: Difficult
Materials: Macramé cord, 2 18” metal hoops blanket or cushion, basket optional, hooks to hang the basket
Tools: Scissors, drill

One clever idea that your cat will love is to craft a macramé bed to make a stylish swinging cat hammock. Your cat will love to be suspended in the air, and the bed makes a bohemian addition to any room.

Macramé is a particular craft skill that, while not difficult, takes a bit of understanding to get familiar with. Once you do have this skill in your toolkit, you can make almost anything from this simple rope knotting technique. The linked tutorial gives step-by-step instructions for how to first cover the two metal hoops with a series of wrapping and knots. These then give structure to the rest of the basket shape as you connect them through a knotted rope.

Keeping the design relatively simple decreases any choking or entanglement hazards for your pet and makes the project achievable in a set time. With some focused attention, you can finish this project in a day and have an airy, playful, hanging hammock for your kitten to swing side to side in. As with the other hanging beds, we would not recommend this for heavy cats or where children may be tempted to climb in too! Safety first.

4. The Repurposed Baby Bassinet by TeeDiddlyDee

The Repurposed Baby Bassinet by TeeDiddlyDee
Image Credit: TeeDiddlyDee
Difficulty: Medium
Materials: Basket bassinet, screws and washers, hook, ribbon, blanket or cloth
Tools: Drill

If you have a baby bassinet that’s no longer in use, don’t toss it out! Instead, upcycle it into a kitty bed. All you need is a few simple tools and materials.

These baskets can be easily found at garage sales or online, and they make perfect cat beds. After a baby has grown out of the bassinet, they are either passed onto the next family or become clutter in the attic awaiting the day they will find a new use. Why not transform them into a bed for your sweet fur ball?

This design is very similar to the wall hanging basket. The bassinet is flipped lengthwise so that the cat’s bed is actually in the scoop-shaped part at the top of the bassinet. Attach the basket to the wall with the screws, using washers to ensure the basket fiber doesn’t tear or break when your cat gets inside.

Next, you wrap the ribbon around the entire bed and then tie it to the hook above, not for support but for a decorative touch that makes the bed appear to hang from the hook. In reality, screwing the basket directly into the wall makes it more sturdy and secure.

Lastly, place a fuzzy or cozy blanket inside to make a plush napping spot for your feline friend. This project is a fun way to use an often overlooked item and imagine a sweet haven for your cat.

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In conclusion, a DIY cat bed that creatively reuses baskets is a fun, easy, and affordable project that you can complete in a few hours. It’s a fun way to reuse old items, and your cat will love the softness and security of sleeping in a familiar basket. Not only will your cat love it, but you’ll also enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a DIY project.

As with all hanging objects or those with strings and cables, safety is paramount. Check the basket and brackets periodically to make sure they are still safe. Cats sadly can and do become entrapped in loose strings such as blind cords, so ensure all strings and attachments are secured to avoid this.

Baskets give texture and interest to a room. They also come from many cultures and traditions of making which adds more artistry and detail to a space. It also sharpens up the look of a space to make a well-designed and dedicated spot for your kitty to curl up and take a nap.

These are all great projects that you could easily start today and finish. All you need to do is take a look around your storage areas for unused baskets or take a peek at a local garage sale or thrift store. You will find so much inspiration and will likely have even more ideas for clever cat beds using what you discover!

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Featured Image Credit: Ivonne Wierink, Shutterstock

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