Your Fur and Hair Can Help Clean the Gulf Oil Spill and Win a Tee


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

By now, yer all aware of the horribul oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But what you may not know is that YOU CAN HELP! All yoo need to do is donate yer furs to the cause. Yer peepul can donate hairs and panty hose. The panty hose are stuffed with furs and hairs to create booms that are used to mop up the spill:

As yoo all know, when the cats in my famly git FURminated, we save the furs. This is so that I can make wigs frum them becuz I don’t have many furs on my hed. But I am going to put vanity aside and donate all of owr furs to an orgunization that makes mats and booms that will help kleen up the Gulf oil spill. If you have a groomer, git the groomer involved in saving all the furs and shipping them to the oil spill. And if you’ve bin putting it off, this just mite be the time for you to git that lion cut!

They will also aksept peepul hair, so git yer mom’s hairdresser to save the hairs in her salon.

How duz it werk and how do you donate? Heer’s the scoop frum

Thousands of salons mail us hair clippings, swept up off their floors, and the fibers are stuffed into booms or woven into hair mats. We all know about shampooing our oily hair, but it took Phill McCrory, a stylist from Alabama, to realize that hair was also an efficient and abundant material for collecting and containing petroleum spills

Anyone and Everyone: salons, groomers, individuals can sign up to donate hair and fur clippings and nylons for our Oil Spill Booms. Our Excess Access program sign up is free, fast and helps us to coordinate the masses of donations.


Thousands of pounds of hair and nylons are coming in by UPS and FED EX from every State in the US and from Canada, Brazil, France, UK… Booms are being made all along the Gulf Coast near beaches and marshes. What a community feeling!


I am very prowd that owr furs will go to help a great cause and keep wildlife from dying, and I hope you will join me in this grate projekt.

If you and yer family donate furs, hairs or pantyhose, leeve a note in the comments. A name will be drawn at randum frum all pawticipating commenters, and you’ll win a Cat’s Meow t-shirt:

So whut are you waiting for? Get out that FURminator or clippers and give up some fur!

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