Word on the Street: Have You Thrown a Cat-Themed Party?


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Cat-themed parties: Sometimes they celebrate adoptions or birthdays, sometimes they’re workplace gatherings that include whiskers and ears as props, other times they’re a chance for friends to make cocktails named after kitties and watch That Darn Cat. (Again.) We asked Catster readers to tell us what kinds of cat-themed parties they’ve thrown. Some of the replies (and illustrative photos) are below.

I have thrown two cat showers — one for my co-worker, Lisa, and one for my daughter, Caroline.

Look at the table cloth — love it!

I wanted to do something special to congratulate both of them on their new kittens. Caroline and Lisa loved the kitty-themed gifts and were very surprised by the showers.

Caroline and her new kitty.

Everyone who attended had a fun time.
— Sandi Langdon

We threw a cat-themed one-year-adoption-day party for our cat Jadzia. All of her feline siblings attended, and my fiancé and I both wore cat ears to fit in.


The cats loved playing with the balloons! To celebrate, Jadzia got her own four-course meal, and the humans ate a feline-inspired fish dinner.
— Bethany Dusseau

It’s a cat-themed party every day at my house! They’re always partying and sleeping and eating and sleeping.
— Maddison Simmons

Last year’s work holiday party was Meowy Catmas, and this was the picture I made to be the cake topper.
— Nicole Tiderman


Not a party, but I had a birthday cake in the shape of my cat, Smokey.
— Nikki Mandehr

Wow. We once had a cat named Topper. Now we know where his name came from. Photo by Shutterstock

Yes! My daughter’s birthday party a few years ago. So much fun!
— Patty Wilson

How about you? Have you thrown a cat-themed party? What was the occasion? How did it go? Let us know in the comments.

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