Want to See More Cat Topics on the Vet Blog? So do I!


The following complaint was sent to Catster headquarters and subsequently forwarded to me.

I’m a little miffed the “vet” talks mostly about dogs. He has a photo of him with a dog. As a Feline only CVT, I practice at a feline only hospital and would like to read about feline topics on a feline site blog!

I have said before on this blog that I am a life long cat lover. Yet cats are without a doubt (to borrow and adapt from Simone de Beauvoir) the “second species” of veterinary medicine. This has miffed me since the second day of vet school. (The first day was dedicated to freshman orientation. Classes started on day two.)

I would love to talk more about cats on the Vet Blog. But I need your help. I receive around five dog questions for every cat question. To make matters worse, about half of the cat questions I receive boil down to, “why is my cat urinating outside of the litter box?”

I have addressed the subject of inappropriate feline urination many times on this blog. I also have two comprehensive web pages dedicated to the matter on my website: here and here.

Since the inception of this blog, I have preferentially answered cat questions over dog questions. But, house soiling aside, I simply do not receive enough cat questions to balance things out.

So help me out. Send me your cat questions. I want to answer them. If I answer enough, perhaps the person who filed the complaint with headquarters will remove the quotes from the word vet.

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