Use Feng Shui to Increase Harmony, Health, and Love


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You might have heard of feng shui, but you might not understand its full meaning and potential. Feng shui expert Paula Brown agreed to educate me. It’s a 5,000-year-old Eastern philosophy developed to adjust the harmonious flow of energy in our lives so we can reach optimal levels of functioning.

Brown wrote Fur Shui: An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui to highlight the role of animals in helping humans heal and achieve positive energy in multiple life domains. In addition to her work as a feng shui practitioner, author, and artist, Brown is an animal communicator. She uses her skills in animal communication combined with feng shui principles to assist people when they or their animals are feeling stuck, ill, or discontent.


I interviewed Brown and read her book to increase my understanding of feng shui. Here is what she had to say.

Have you always been a cat person?

Yes, I’ve always loved cats. They have distinct personalities, their own minds, and are a little mysterious. I have two right now: Makana and Rumi. Makana is a Scottish Fold, and Rumi is an orange rescue cat. One of the great things about cats is if you have the love of a cat, you know real, true love. A cat’s love goes deep. Cats help heal people, and I see this in my feng shui practice all the time.

(Photo courtesy Paula Brown)
Photo courtesy Paula Brown

What inspired you to write the book?

It started as a series of sketches I was doing with animals, and the sketches led to the idea for the book. I’m often called in to feng shui a house, and I would ask about where the pets wanted to be. The pets often draw attention to the energy. I kept seeing patterns between feng shui and animals, such as health problems. Animals naturally read energy. They are chi masters, as nature has a flow to it. I wanted to get more people to be aware of their animals in their environments.

What are the advantages of using feng shui in cat-bed placement?

It depends on what you want. For example, if there is a test you have to take, or if you have a show cat preparing for a contest, you want to place the cat bed or blanket in the skills/knowledge center of your space. (The skills color is blue, the number 7, and associated shapes would be defined by your own taste.)

Fur shui numbers and shapes chart. (from Fur Shui: An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui by Paula brown, 2008)
Fur shui numbers and shapes chart. from Fur Shui: An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui by Paula brown, 2008

If you are looking for love, you want to tell your cat that you need help finding love and then things will start to happen. A pink bed or blanket will help manifest this intention. (The love color is pink, the number is 2, and any shape will be okay.)

If you want to improve your financial well-being, what color should your cat’s bed be?

You will want to place a purple bed or blanket in your abundance area. My kitties like fleece blankets more than beds. I use the location for placing them. You want to make their space their comfort zone.

(Photo by Gina Cioli/i-5 Studio)
Photo by Gina Cioli/i-5 Studio

You might want to add a little bit of green for money and some red for luck and fame. In your thinking, you want to focus more on wealth and what you want as opposed to despair and what you are worried about. In feng shui, you must use positive intent in your thinking in order to achieve your desire. (The wealth color is purple, the number is 8, and the shape may be any.)

If you want to improve your cat’s health, does it matter what color his or her cat bed is?

A yellow bed or blanket placed in the center of the home or room would help with healing. Once the cat is on the way to recovery, then you might add some red to help the cat recharge. Feng shui can’t heal everything, but it can boost energy in a positive direction. Using a yellow blanket, bed, ribbon, or towel with your scent can help your cat with overnight stays at the vet. (The health color is yellow, the number is 9, and the shape is square, flat, and horizontal.)

Brown suggested after reading feng shui basics that you work with a practitioner to make sure that you don’t add too much color. The goal is harmony, which is a constantly moving flow of energy as opposed to balance, because balance is stagnant. Life always changes and evolves. Feng shui is about finding harmony in that constant flow of energy.

You can learn more about feng shui from Brown’s book and from her website. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

About Kezia Willingham: Also known as the Breadwinning Laundry Queen, Kezia lives in Seattle with her family, which includes her kids, a pack of rescued cats, dogs, and mice. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, the Seattle Times, and A professional member of the Cat Writers Association, you can follow her on Twitter @KeziaWillingham.

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