In Tampa, FL, yesterday, the plaintive cries of a kitten in distress prompted residents to call the Police Department. The tiny tabby kitten was stuck inside a storm drain 9 feet below the roadway at Lake Ave. and 22nd Street.

Officers Colin McCoy and Aaron Campbell arrived and found the kitten clinging to a thin ledge just inches from the water.

Try as they might, they couldn’t get any other agency to help, so they borrowed a rope and bucket from a neighbor, baited the bucket with cat food, and lowered it into the hole. Within minutes, the kitten had jumped into the bucket, and the officers were pulling her to safety.

McCoy and Campbell (in photo, above) took the kitten to a veterinarian where she got a clean bill of health and a happy ending — someone in the vet’s office agreed to give her a furever home.

[SOURCE: Tampa Bay Online]