Thursday Thirteen: 13 Cats Who Don’t Want to be Euthanized


This week’s Thursday Thirteen features 13 senior cats who are waiting for furever homes. Can you give them a second chance?

Pet ID: 09-1058
Help for Homeless Pets, Billings, MT
Interested? Phone HHP: (406) 896-1700 or Susan: (406) 549-6104

How many times have you heard a story like this? I now write with my own sad tale: I need to find a home for my mom’s two cats. My 88-year-old mother is ill and rapidly declining after several strokes and seizures. She was diagnosed recently with dementia that has become markedly worse in the last two weeks. She will be leaving a rehab center in a few days and entering a nursing home. She is no longer able to care for, or probably even remember, her two beloved 13- and 15-year-old cats, Arnold and Cyrus.

My brother and sister-in-law have been “fostering” them, but are not able to provide them with a permanent home. I can’t take them, either. I am desperately seeking a home for my kitty brothers and we have been asking as many people as we can think to ask, over the last few weeks. We have had no luck. Arnold and Cyrus are healthy (big), shy, indoor kitties (one is a classic red tabby, one is orange and white). They have all of their shots. They must stay together. They’d be perfect for someone wanting very low-maintenance cats, perhaps an older single person or a couple. ANY help or advice you could provide would be gratefully received. Thank you. Sincerely, Susan Hay Cramer Chief Executive Officer United Way of Missoula County

Arnold and Cyrus are up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Adoption #: H181025
North Shore Animal League NY

Want to adopt Bonnie? Email

Bonnie is a very special cat looking for a nice family to give her all the love in the world. Her beautiful coat and outgoing personality makes it easy to love her.

Bonnie is a special-needs animal dealing with several life-long health issues. She suffers from seizures and is on medication, which has kept them under control. She is also on other medications for other ailments, All these unfortunate conditions have not tampered with Bonnie’s charming disposition. Gentle, sweet, and eager to please, Bonnie is a treasure.

If you are interested in adopting Bonnie, contact

Siamese Rescue – North Carolina
ID Number: VA6099
Want to adopt Skitch? Click here.

COME ON! Won’t someone take a chance on me?

I am trying as hard as I can to get over this pick up fear. Doesn’t getting into bed with foster mom and rolling all over her count for anything? I even give myself a bath and play attack the bed mice. I am looking over her shoulder as she types what I dictate. I love being her companion.

I LOVE to play! Everything is a toy to me so I am fun to watch. I make it an exercise program to get picked up, but I am the best entertainment you could find.

Won’t you please think about me?

I really don’t like the car so please don’t ask about me unless you live in my state or one touching it and I need a feline buddy, please. Are you the one to talk your way into my heart?

Pet ID: 8354669
Wisconsin Humane Society, Milwaukee WI

Interested? Telephone 414-ANIMALS or email:

Spencer is a senior cat who is a neutered Abyssinian mix. He’s currently listed on Petfinder and can be sponsored.

Pet ID: 3006
Cats Exclusive, Margate FL
Interested? Call Cats Exclusive: (954) 975-8349

Hi! My name is Mollie-Kat, and I’m a senior lady. I have been tested, spayed, and have all my shots. People are always telling me how gorgeous my eyes are. I’m becoming more and more outgoing as time passes, you might find me rubbing against your leg or sitting quietly near you when you come to visit. Don’t be shy about reaching out to pet me, I often don’t make the first move. :) You can visit me at Cats Exclusive Inc. at 6350 W. Atlantic Blvd. (1 block west of 441) in Margate FL 33063. OR you can call us at (954) 975-8349. My adoption fee is $75.00. I would love to be the newest member of your family!

The Animal Rescue & Adoption Society, Denver CO

Interested? Contact by phone 303-744-6076 or email:

Grover is a talkative senior Siamese mix. He was previously feral and has been tamed. Now he enjoys being pet and sitting in high places so he can see everything going on in the room. He has special needs, and needs a dog- and kid-free home.

Grover lives in the shy room where he has access to the outdoor cat run and all the canned food he can eat.

Open Arms Pound Rescue of Ohio

Interested? Contact

Tracy is a spayed female, 8 year old Tabby cat in urgent need of a home.

Tracy was abandoned when her owner moved, and was adopted by her current “dad”. Tracy has been very well cared for and loved. Now her Dad has been laid-off from his employment and losing his home. Tracy is desperate to find a loving family to take her in. Please email if you can help Tracy.

Casa de los Gatos, Tucson AZ

Interested in giving Shaboom a home? Call 520-881-0900, or email

Shaboom will knock your socks off with his wonderful personality!

Around Casa de los Gatos, he is known lovingly as “Boomers”. This wonderful senior gentleman deserves nothing more than a wonderful home to finish out his years.

Shaboom recently had extensive dental work done – sponsored wholly by a loving and caring Casa volunteer. He is doing ABSOLUTELY wonderfully now with not a single tooth. He underwent dental surgery and recovered like a champion. The success of the surgical procedure can be seen by his even spritlier personality, lack of pain when eating, and weight gain! He is in tip-top shape to go to a new home!

If you have it in your heart to give this sweet and affectionate kitty a place to live out his senior years, then 2009 will definitely be his LUCKY year all around!!

Pets in Need, Somerville, MA
Interested? Call 978-459-8700 or email:

Greetings. My name is Larry. But you can call me Lawrence if you like. I really have no preference. Honestly, I don’t really care if you call me ‘cat’, just don’t call me late for dinner, OK? Haha, sorry, couldn’t resist. But really… I do like to eat.

I am about 12 years old they think. No one is really sure. I was found on the streets a couple years back, with wounds all over me. Something attacked me. The nice rescue people had my wounds treated, and put me under a 6 month quarantine to make sure I wasn’t attacked by anything rabid. Could you imagine!! I don’t really remember much before that, which is why I can’t help you with my real age. I think I blocked it all out because of the incident.

I’m a big kitty, already neutered, and the rescue people have kept my vaccines up to date. When I was in foster care, my foster mom even had my teeth cleaned. I have the life here! Sure, I have been here for over 2 years, but it’s OK. Yeah, I would love a home of my own, more room to run around, more windows to look out, more things to climb. But I can’t complain. I mean, I was out on the streets before! Cold, looking for food.. That’s no life for a cat.

I’m not really what you would call a ‘lap cat’. I’m more independent. I am kind of set in my ways, as they say. I like my meals on time. I like my water bowl clean, and I like my litter box scooped regularly. Is that too much to ask for?

I don’t think so either! So won’t you come meet me today? I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you!

The Animal Welfare Society, West Kennebunk, ME

Interested? Call (207) 985-3244 x 105 or email:

Simon is a gorgeous 13-year-old that has a short brown tiger and white coat. Simon is a super sweet boy that would love to find a forever home to call his own. One thing that Simon’s new owners will have to do is keep him on a diet of C/D food only. This is a food that will make sure that his urinary tract stays in tip top shape and can be purchased through your veterinarian. If you are interested in adopting this love bug please fill out an adoption application and stop in at The Privileged Pet in York to meet him.

Marin Humane Society, Novato, CA

Interested? Call Marin Humane’s adoption center: (415) 506-6225

If you are looking for a cool, cool 7-yr-old cat, look no more! Mr. Ed’s guardian is moving and couldn’t take him along, he lived with a dog and teenage children, so he had to be cool. Since one of his favorite past times is eating, the pounds piled on, and doing any kind of exercise was not on his daily schedule. We started him on a diet here and would strongly suggest that it should be continued. Maybe taking him for short walks or running after a toy would greatly benefit his health. He will be a great addition to any family.

ID #8536594
Washington (DC) Humane Society

Interested? Contact Natalie Kahla, Adoptions Manager at 202-724-4650

Hey there, I’m Sugarspun! I’m a 2 year old girl and I was surrendered by my owner because she was moving to an apartment that doesn’t like cats.

So, what makes me tick? I’m a big fan of people, I’m talkative, curious, and super friendly, and I get along well with most other kitties! I’m always ready to vamp for the camera, and Im sure that as long as I get plenty of love and affection (and you’ll get it back tenfold from me!), I promise to be a fabulous addition to your home.

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