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Susan Boyle’s 11-year-old pedigree Turkish swimming cat, Pebbles, is no longer living with the Scottish singer. Since July, Pebbles has been living in Wanstead, East London, with retired accountant Pamela Eaton-Browne.

Eaton-Browne, 76, was asked to take her in by neighbor Alex Kadis, who works with Simon Cowell and is part of Boyle’s management team. She has two other cats, and is paid 4 a day to care for Pebbles.

Boyle has only seen Pebbles three times since last July. Reportedly, Pebbles was so spooked by her most recent visit that she hid beneath a wardrobe.

Eaton-Browne said, I thought it would just be for a couple of weeks but that was in July. The last time Susan came round Pebbles shot under a wardrobe and didnt want to know.

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