Squidgey the Cat Survived After Being Badly Burned


Editor’s Note: This story contains pictures of Squidgey the cat after she was badly burned, but we wanted to include them to show what this courageous kitty went through.

Squidgey’s story starts in a startling fashion. According to lore on this calico kitty’s Facebook profile, Squidgey was found in a small country lane in Britain’s Lake District in July 2008, badly burned and barely alive. Worse was to come: As Squidgey’s owner reports, the vet thought the kitten was unlikely to make it through the night.

Thankfully, that early prognosis was wrong, and Squidgey pulled through. Now she’s ensconced in her forever home, where her burns have been swaddled with love.

All images via Facebook.
All images via Facebook.

According to Squidgey’s mom, she was discovered in an abandoned state close by to a farm. “As soon as I picked her up, you could see and smell that she’d been burnt,” she says.

Asked to speculate on how this little kitten found herself in such a horrific predicament, she wonders whether Squidgey had been put on a fire or near to a fire. We can’t even imagine who would do this on purpose to a sweet kitten.

Little burned Squidgey got first-class medical attention. All images via Facebook.
Little burned Squidgey got first-class medical attention.
Squidgey's legs had also suffered damage in the fire, so they had to be temporarily bandaged up.
Squidgey’s legs had also suffered damage in the fire, so they had to be temporarily bandaged up.

All images via Facebook.

That was over seven years ago. Now Squidgey seems to have recovered from her dramatic entrance in life. Her mom says that her burns “only affect her by the way it’s left her face and eyes looking. Oh, and she has no eyelids!”

But as we know from kitties like Chase No Face — who is missing her nose, eyelids, and most of the fur on her face — cats can thrive through much worse.

Beyond the superficial scars, one of Squidgey’s Facebook updates reveals that her vet likens the way she views the world as being “like looking through dirty windows.” Although her mom adds that she can often be found by the windowsill talking to the birds outside and seems to have no problems when it comes to spotting the chatty chicks. And Squidgey is an indoor-only cat, so we don’t have to worry about any more harm coming to her.

All images via Facebook.

Talking about Squidgey’s personality, her mom adds, “She’s a very affectionate cat towards my fiancé and my son, but she doesn’t seem to like her little sister Minnie who we got last September to keep her company. And because I’ve had to give her tablets in the past, she doesn’t have a lot of time for me.”


So while Squidgey might not be the biggest cuddle bug towards her mom, anyone who’s been following her Facebook adventures can see that she’s in a loving home. Hop along over there now to show your appreciation to this special Monday Miracle kitty.

Visit Squidgey’s Facebook profile.

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