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Yoshi and Kawa: Cats Who Chase, Then Groom, Each Other

Bengal Kawa loves showers, while Russian Blue Yoshi rides her humans through the house.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Jan 17th 2017

There’s no shortage of cats skittering around the Internet — but very few of them pull off such fantastic feline facial expressions as Yoshi and Kawa, a Russian Blue and Bengal duo who live in Amsterdam.

Here’s your formal introduction to their social media world.

Mixing and matching breeds

“Sometimes on the Internet you read that a Russian Blue and a Bengal don’t go well together because the Russian Blue is described as a gentle, quiet, shy cat and the Bengal cat is the opposite of that,” explains Yoshi and Kawa’s human while recapping how they came to live together. “This is why we got both breeds as kittens and we also picked the most active Russian Blue kitten out of the nest.”

So, what’s Yoshi like?

Here are some pertinent things you need to know about Yoshi, the Russian Blue. First up, she’s “friendly, active and definitely not shy or timid.”

Second, she’s a confirmed cuddler and won’t hesitate to snuggle up to any and all visitors.

Finally, she enjoys “using humans as transportation through the house.” Why? Because apparently “I guess it makes her feel like she is a big cat.”

How about Kawa?

For a Bengal, Kawa is said to be “pretty quiet” although she’s a social animal at heart who loves company and can often be found instigating games of hide-and-seek with her humans.

“She’s a very curious cat and follows us around the house,” says the cats’ human. “If you go to the toilet, she is there; if you’re in the shower, she is there; when you come back from grocery shopping, she is there to fully inspect what you bought; when you drink coffee, she wants to sniff and see what you are having.”

A fine feline tag-team

When Yoshi and Kawa are left on ther own, they can be found chasing each other throughout the house in a “very loud” fashion that also involves some particularly “awesome sliding on the living room floor.”

Of course, like all feline duos they can get a little scrappy at times — “because they are both energetic they like to play rough” — but their human reports that it’s not long before they’re back to grooming each other.

To that end, when Yoshi recently went away for a few days, Kawa started to protest almost instantly.

“They are very attached to each other and Yoshi is the boss,” says their human. “She is the dominant one in the house and calls the shots!”

Splish, splash…

Kawa is a cat who’s all about her water sports. Her human discovered this hobby in somewhat messy circumstances.

“I walked into the kitchen where the kitty water fountain is, and half of the water was on the floor and she was still busy scooping the other half,” she recalls. “I thought maybe she did it because she was bored — until I got into the shower and she stepped in as well.”

Since that day, as soon as Kawa hears the shower being turned on, she bolts across the homestead and tries to join in.

Caturday, it’s a Caturday!

When they’re not posing for their Instagram fans, you’ll find Yoshi and Kawa plotting their next Caturday agenda. An ideal day would begin with Yoshi snuggling with her humans while Kawa takes a dip in the shower, before hearing the doorbell and knowing that a package of treats and cardboard boxes has arrived. An impromptu play session with some bubbles would not be out of place at this point.

A chicken dinner marks the start of Caturday’s evening activities, with Kawa usually licking up all the gravy while Yoshi feasts on the rest. A post-meal dalliance with the laser pointer rounds out the day. Although as the cats’ human says, “Ultimately, the perfect day end would be them catching it — which of course never happens!”

Follow along with Yoshi and Kawa on their Instagram account.