Skeezix the Cat’s Holiday Shopping Guide: The Siamese Rescue Store


Deck The Halls With Gifts From The Siamese Rescue Store

Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I’m gonna share the best-kept shopping seekrit on the innernets: The Siamese Rescue Store. It’s a division of Siamese Rescue in Virginia, and they have the most potentest catnip toys on the planet. Many of the items are things yoo can git elsewear, but I sware, thare BETTER frum the Siamese Rescue Store. Even the tishoo paper they wrap evrything in smells catnippy and makes me go kinda wild. Proceeds support thare Siamese Cat Rescue Center. Siamese Rescue is a cawze vary neer and deer to my hart cuz my best frend Mr. Echo and other Catsters I know were saved frum a one-way trip to the sausage factory by Siamese Rescue.
They deliver stuff reely qwik withowt super high shipping charges. AND yoo can put a note in the comments and they will include a card with whatever yoo tell them to rite, and they won’t mess with yer spelling. Heer are sum of my favorite things frum thare store:

Catnip Heart

It’s stuffed with organik Yeowww! Catnip, and it remains potent for yeers. Reely, I’m not kidding. Tripper still goes nuts over one we got 2 Krissmisses ago. And it’s a purrfect gift for that speshul gerlcat on yer shopping list, espeshully if she’s a niphead.


My speshul frend Daisy gave this to me as a berthday gift, and boy, has it gotten a werkout! But yer peepul will love it even more, cuz it’s an automated version of the string game. Yoo just hang it on a doornob and it goes and goes and goes by itself withowt yer person gitting carpal tunnel frum flinging the string over and over and over. Evry cat in owr howse has played with this for hours on end … or until the batteries die. It’s pawsome!

Catnip Banana
Same materiul as the popular catnip hart, and yoo’ll go ape over it.

Case in point: [TOP] a brand new one, and [BOTTOM] a brand new one after a week:

In tomorrow’s shopping guide, I’m profiling sum vary speshul merchants frum the Catster Marketplace. They took in un-adoptable speshul-needs pets and became entrepreneurs to finance the vet bills. Bring some Kleenex!


[PHOTO CREDIT: Photo of Mao in Shopping Guide Banner courtesy of Mark Rogers Photography]

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