Scruffles Is a Heavyweight Kitty on the Social Media Scene


Do cats agonize over body-size issues? On the basis of a portly chap named Scruffles, I’m going to suggest the answer is a resounding no. Scruffles, you see, is a heavyweight feline who is totally at ease with his hefty physique and appears to be as happy as the proverbial clam about it all. Why, his Instagram account even happily announces, “Boy, fat, lazy.”

Cutting through the — ahem — fat, then, here’s what you need to know about the 18-pound marvel that is Scruffles.

Accept your own and be yourself

Let’s make no bones about it: Scruffles is a gent of a cat who is totally owning his size. His motto is, “Activity is overrated.”

We are family

Scruffles also lives in harmony with another kitty, a dog, and some interchangeable assortment of chickens, hens, and roosters. This pic was snapped when he helped raise his poultry pals.

Watching windows

And this is apparently the “fine art of chicken watching.” It should really come with a NSFW disclaimer.

Table topper

Our host with the most also seems very fond of lounging on the dining table. I am not going to make a bad joke about constantly waiting for dinner to be served. I will however make a note of his dapper pink bow-tie.

He who dares …

Scruffles appears to be a playful chap — sometimes to a fault. Here he’s managed to skillfully finagle his way into a crinkly cat tunnel to achieve a state that’s colloquially known as “stuck.”

Gone fishin’

See what I was saying about his thirst for play? Here Scruffles is engaging with a toy fish in his own inimitably lethargic manner. Touché, old boy, touché.

Travel broadens the hind

There is an awful lot going on in this particular picture, but let’s just say that it is a very special cat indeed who choses to lounge on a pile of clothes on the floor instead of hopping into an open suitcase.

Evolution in action

Scruffles once entered a wildlife lookalike contest. I am shocked that he didn’t win — although at least he’s found his spirit animal, right?

Five a day the Scruffles way

Yes, that is a cat happily sitting on a fruit bowl full of bananas without a care in the world. I think we can wrap this one up now.

If you’re intrigued by Sruffles and his wonderfully relaxed adventures, stroll on over to his Instagram page to fill your boots.

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About Phillip Mlynar: The self-appointed world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats. When not penning posts on rap music, he can be found building DIY cat towers for his adopted domestic shorthair, Mimosa, and collecting Le Creuset cookware (in red). He has also invented cat sushi, but it’s not quite what you think it is.

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