How Do I Cat-Proof My Christmas Tree?


O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum — how tempting are your branches!

It’s nearly impossible to have a totally risk-free, cat-proof Christmas tree. Somehow the cats always manage to find something to knock down, chew up, or pee on. This is why we can’t have nice things. We love our cats for their interactions and curiosity, so we can’t expect them to sit idly by the giant bush of shiny wonderment that you haul into their living space.

You should make sure your tree is fairly secure in its stand, and depending on how nutty your cat is, you may even consider anchoring it to a wall or ceiling with fishing line and a wall hook. My cats are too lazy to climb anything higher than the bed, so my big tree issue is their inclination to knock ornaments off. Hang anything precious out of reach on higher branches.

And for heaven’s sake, skip the tinsel! Angel hair can wreak havoc on your cat’s digestive tract. While I do enjoy shiny prizes in the litter box, it’s not worth the risk. There will be plenty of glitz and glamour on your tree anyhow.

Just keep your cat and all his mischievous potential in mind when you decorate this holiday season, and you can all have a safe and happy Yuletide!

“Christmas Tree” by Sarah Donner


Keep your Christmas tree totally risk-free
With some tips from me you’ll find
You can celebrate all the holidays
Decorate with your pet in mind

Try to keep your Christmas tree anchored to the wall or ceiling
If your cat is prone to jump, knock &*%* down, or shake it up
Keep the ornaments up high, Don’t tempt them with hooks or wires
Dangling electricity can produce a crispy kitty

Just in case the water bowl has dangerous chemicals
Cover it with with a skirt so their bellies don’t get hurt
Orange peels on the floor are helpful to deter
Pussy cats who like to climb don’t like the smell of citrus rind

Sweep the needles when they fall because they’re not digestible
Bells on branches can alarm, when they start to have some fun

Tinsel shimmers, tinsel shines and ruins intestines
It can stop and it can block, puts treasures in your litter box

Sources: Cats International, Vet Medicine, Pet Place

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