Santito Was Found With His Back Legs “All But Destroyed”



The story of Santito the kitten starts out as a real heartbreaker before turning into a happy ending for the ages. According to his Facebook bio, this white-and-gray chap was originally found “with his back legs all but destroyed.” Furthermore, it’s said that he was “so covered in dirt, blood, and fleas that his rescuers thought he was a black kitten.”

Thankfully, those rescuers — from the Los Angeles-based Kitten Rescue organization — had faith in the little guy and set about putting him on a road to recovery and a happy home.

Once Santito (whose name means Little Saint) had been scrubbed up — and it took three baths to literally reveal his true colors — the extent of his condition was discovered. Having been forced to feed on dirt and rocks while abandoned, he was diagnosed as suffering from dehydration and malnutrition. Worse still, he was also afflicted with nerve damage and paralysis of his hind legs.

All images via Santito's Facebook page
All images via Santito’s Facebook page


Despite all these ailments — and being in obvious pain — his rescuers described Santito as “purring and playful and literally the sweetest little thing we ever met.” It seems that he’s always been an affectionate type, too: “Right from the start, he wanted to kiss our noses — he seemed to know how lucky he was and to be instantly grateful.”


Unfortunately, the first three vets who took a look at Santito when asked to help out with his condition simply said it would be better to put him down. Thankfully, Kitten Rescue persevered and found a specialist, who pointed him towards the California Animal Rehabilitation facility.


Having come through a course of medication and nutritional supplements, Santito is now working out how to make his back legs mobile. As he puts it on his Facebook page, “Back then my back legs didn’t work at all, but now I can use them pretty much anytime I want — although they work funny and I don’t walk the same way other cats do. But I don’t care — life is good.”


As you might have noticed from the pictures of this handsome fellow, he also sports a very swanky range of diapers. That’s because he still has some incontinence issues — although it’s said that Santito is gaining more control over his — ahem — movements by the day. We have no doubt that he’ll soon overcome those little indiscretions, too!


Santito keeps his army of online fans updated on his progress over at his Facebook page — so head over there now if you want to hear more about this champion kitten.

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