Linda Jansen of Penicuik, Midlothian in Scotland had long given up hope of ever again seeing her cat Sampson (pictured above) who went missing a year and a half ago. Which is why Jansen was stunned to get a call that Sampson had been turned in to a veterinarian in Devon, 500 miles away (see map below). His microchip led the vet to Jansen.

Jansen said, “The funny thing is he is a really bad traveller. He always gets sick whenever he’s in a car. So forget The Proclaimers – my cat really did walk 500 miles. She added, “I have no idea where he’s been for 18 months but I can’t wait to see him.”

According to the vet, Sampson was well-fed, but appeared to have been living rough.

In the interim, convinced they’d never see Sampson again, Jansen and her daughter adopted Angus, a tabby kitten (right). Sampson will soon have a baby brother to train.

The Edinburgh firm Eagle Couriers has offered to return Sampson to his home in Scotland for free. Director Fiona Deas said: “It’s one of the most amazing pet stories I’ve heard. We’ll make his journey home as comfy as possible.”

Three cheers for Eagle Couriers, who is willing to transport a carsick cat 500 miles!