It’s A Good Thing Cats Don’t Usually Chase The Mailman

Sammy, a gorgeous orange tabby (who looks a little like our friend Calvin), was recently evicted from his home in the Notasulga, Alabama Post Office because an anonymous customer wrote to complain, saying that since Sammy doesn’t pay taxes, he shouldn’t be permitted in a federal building (a specious argument if ever there was one). Sammy never even bothered anyone — he spent most of his days catnapping in a window or on a table. Notasulga is a sleepy little southern town that boasts a population of just over 900 people — just the sort of place where you’d expect to find a post office cat like Sammy.

Fortunately, legendary Auburn Alabama football coach Pat Dye led a group of residents to protest Sammy’s eviction. One of Sammy’s supporters rented a post office box in his name so that Sammy has a right to be in the building. Subsequently, postal officials removed the sign banning him from the premises.

Here’s my call to action: write to Sammy expressing your support! Address your letters and postcards to Sammy, Post Office Box 173, Notasulga, Alabama. 36866.