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Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Written by: Sara Seitz

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Neakasa Cat Litter Box

Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Our Final Verdict

We give Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Functionality: 4.9/5
Ease of Use: 4.9/5
Value: 4.8/5

There are so many joys that come with owning a cat, including plenty of free cuddles and lots and lots of silliness. There are also some downsides, most specifically, the dreaded litter box.

If you loathe cleaning the cat box, I have a product for you. The Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box was made to handle stinky litter so you don’t have to. But it does much more than that, including reporting your cat’s potty habits, tracking the box’s litter levels, and notifying you when the waste bin is full.

There is no doubt that this automatic litter box is talented, but is it worth the money?

I had a chance to test the Neakasa self-cleaning litter box with the help of my one-year-old kitty, Makoa. As an auto-cleaning litter box newbie, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Now, after having this talented gadget in my home for a couple of weeks, I’m not sure how I ever lived without it!

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About Neakasa

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - makoa standing on the box

Neakasa got their start in 2017 with a line of highly innovative automated cleaning products for the home. Since then, they have expanded their lineup to include everything from kitchen composters to pet grooming vacuums. And they do it all in the name of simplifying and elevating people’s lives with smart cleaning solutions.

Who Makes Neakasa Cat Boxes and Where Are They Produced?

Neakasa is a global company that serves over 60 countries. They have offices located in the US, China, and Hong Kong. Most of their products are made in China.

Which Type of Cat is the M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Box Best Suited For?

This Neakasa self-cleaning litter box is a great option for cats of all ages. The open-top design makes it more appealing to cats used to a traditional litter box, but even those who desire more privacy are likely to acclimate well to this setup.

This cat box is fairly high off the ground so it may not be the best option for cats with mobility issues. The weight sensors can detect cats who weigh between 2.2 and 33 pounds. For kittens lighter than this, it does have a “kitten setting” that ensures pint-sized users stay safe.

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M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box Overview

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - charging the product

Here is an overview of the many features and functions of the M1 self-cleaning litter box. We’ll take a look at the setup, settings, safety features, phone app, and specifications.


The Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box consists of three main parts that work together to keep your cat’s litter box clean.

At the bottom of this intelligent machine, you’ll find a collapsable silicon waste bin. This 11-liter bin can hold up to 14 days’ worth of waste. The included waste bags fit perfectly inside and are easy to close, tie, and toss for hassle-free cleaning.

The base of the litter box consists of four tall legs, an intuitive control panel, and a motor that makes all the magic happen.

Tucked into this base is the ingenious, half-cylinder litter box. When ready for use, this rounded box sits at a slight angle, allowing cats to use the litter just as they would in a traditional litter box.

Once they’ve finished their business, the box cleans itself by slowly rotating and dumping the clean litter into a screened compartment. The box continues to turn, dropping the clumped waste into the bin underneath. Once it completes the rotation, the remaining litter is released back into the box and leveled so it’s ready for the next use.

General Settings

This Neakasa cat box comes with many different settings so you can customize it to your cat’s needs.

You can choose to have the unit clean automatically after each use, cyclically after a set number of hours, or only when started manually. You can also choose to turn on automatic coverage (to fully cover any poo in cat litter) and auto-leveling (to level whenever new cat litter is added).

You also have the option to set do-not-disturb periods and reminders for cleaning, litter ordering, and more.

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - buttons on the product

Safety Features

Each of these litter boxes features five infrared laser sensors and four weight sensors to help keep your cat safe. The box will not engage in cleaning if your cat is inside or next to the box.

Even when cleaning has already begun, if any of these sensors are triggered, cleaning will pause and the litter box will stop moving. This prevents cats from getting stuck or pinched as the litter box rotates.

My inquisitive cat tested these safety features thoroughly by trying to jump inside the litter box every time it moved for the first few days. Each time, the box would freeze and patiently wait for him to move on to something else.

Phone App

While the basic premise behind this auto litter box is pretty neat, it’s the phone app and wifi connectivity that elevates it above other self-cleaning options.

Once connected to wifi, Neakasa will record every time your cat uses the litter box, including how long they were there and the time of day they entered. If you have multiple cats, you can create separate profiles for each and the box will track them separately based on weight.

With the app, you can also track how much litter is in the box, how full the waste bin is, and look back on the cleaning record from previous days. You can also kick off cleaning from the app, level the litter, and shop for accessories.

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - mobile app interface


This litter box is a bit on the chonky side compared to your typical self-clean box. It’s just over 20 inches tall, 23 inches wide, and 20 inches from front to back. The litter box itself is about 17 inches wide and 15 inches across.

This is plenty of room for even big cats to get in. But do note that the size of the litter area is a bit smaller than the opening.

When empty, this hoss weighs about 23 pounds but does have carrying handles, which makes it easy enough to move around.

The phone app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

The starter kit for this litter box comes with two rolls of waste bin bags and a very effective litter mat.

In Summary

  • Hands-off cleaning
  • Holds up to 14 days of waste
  • Tracks usage for multiple cats
  • Tracks litter amount
  • Multiple cleaning settings
  • 9 sensors to ensure safe operation
  • Large footprint
  • Fairly high off the ground
  • Pricey

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Key Features

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - opening calibration

Self Cleaning Options

With this intelligent self-cleaning solution, you can choose the right cleaning settings for your cat and lifestyle. The “smart clean” mode automatically cleans the litter 5 minutes after your cat leaves the box. Or you can choose to have it clean every set number of hours or only when you tell it to.

You can also set do-not-disturb periods that will prevent the cat box from cleaning itself during the night or other times of the day.

Tracks Potty Habits for Multiple Cats

This smart litter box tracks how often your cat uses the potty throughout the day and night. It records not only when they entered, but also how long they stayed and their weight at the time of using the bathroom.

If you have multiple cats, you can set up different profiles for each. Using each individual cat’s weight, the Neakasa will differentiate between who uses the potty each time.

Intelligent Phone App

In addition to helping you keep track of your cat’s potty habits, the connected phone app also gives you full control of all the features of this box. You can scroll through previous usage records, set cleaning preferences, auto-clean with the touch of a button, track how much litter is inside, and set reminders for manual cleaning, refilling, and more.

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Is the Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box a Good Value?

The average self-cleaning litter box costs around $200. But if you want one with wifi connectivity like the Neakasa, you have to up your budget to between $400 and $750.

With a list price of $600, the Neakasa M1 sits comfortably within this average range. Considering its unique open-top design and many extra features, I would say it is well worth that price.

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - unboxing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need a special litter for this self-cleaning box?

No, any standard clumping, scoopable litter with pieces smaller than 3mm in diameter and 10mm in length will work. Non-clumping, loosely clumping, and nontraditional (such as wood grain) litters will not work with this box.

Do cats take to this litter box easily?

Yes, in general, cats have no issue transitioning to this litter box, especially if you use litter they are already accustomed to. For scaredy cats, it can be helpful to turn off auto-cleaning until they are readily using the box.

How often do I need to empty the waste bin?

The large waste bin of this litter box typically lasts 2 weeks before it gets filled up. However, you may want to clean it more often than this to avoid odor or if you have multiple cats.

Is this litter box safe?

Yes, this self-cleaning box features 9 different sensors to ensure it only cleans when your cat is well out of the way. If your cat comes near it during cleaning, the box will stop moving and wait until they leave to continue cleaning.

Neakasa Cat Litter Box.jpg - makoa checking out the product

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Our Experience With Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I’m not averse to cleaning the litter box (I’ve been doing it since it landed on my chore list at the age of eight), but finding the time to get it done is a challenge. That’s one of many reasons why I was excited to try out this intelligent self-cleaning box from Neakasa.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with the litter and waste capacity of this thing. I was a little less impressed with how big it was as a whole, though. I ended up having to rearrange my entire laundry room to get it to fit.

On the plus side, it was super easy to unbox and get set up.

I wasn’t worried at all about my cat, Makoa, using this new contraption—he will happily relieve himself in anything that holds a litter-like substance. But just to be sure, I added the clean litter from his old litter box to the unit.

Makoa spent quite a while exploring the new box and was especially taken with the fact that it moved on its own. In fact, he interrupted the first cleaning cycle about thirty times. Luckily, all the safety features of this litter box ensured that no matter how often he tried to crawl inside while it was working, he never once got pinched or stuck.

Getting the box connected to wifi and the app set up was also exceptionally easy. Once this was done, I added Makoa’s profile and set my cleaning preferences.

One feature that I really appreciate is the do-not-disturb setting. Because Makoa has pica and can’t be trusted to roam freely throughout the house at night, he sleeps in the laundry room where the litter box is.

I was worried that the box would never be able to complete a cleaning if he was locked up with it. Him constantly bugging it could lead to the box getting stuck upside down for hours, leaving him no place to potty. Luckily, with the do-not-disturb setting, I’m able to turn off auto cleaning at night and have it resume in the morning.

The other really great thing about this cat box is how it tracks your cat’s usage. The first sign Makoa has eaten something he shouldn’t is a disturbance in his normal bathroom routine. By looking through his potty log on the app each day, I can be sure everything is running smoothly.

I can even tell when he sleeps in the litter box!

This smart box also does a pretty decent job of sealing in odors. I typically clean the cat box twice a week. But with the Neakasa, I don’t notice any smells until about seven days have passed (and this is when using fragrance-free clay litter without any odor absorbers).

As an automatic litter box newbie, I am more than impressed with how easy the Neakasa M1 has made litter box cleaning. But what really sets this option apart from others is the smart app, unique open-top design, and the many customizable options.

Neakasa Cat Litter Box - makoa using the product

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Whether you have one cat or a whole pride of them, cleaning the litter box is a chore better left to the robots. If you’re considering a self-cleaning option, I highly recommend the Neakasa M1 Open Top Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

Not only does this intelligent system take all the hassle out of cleaning up after your cat, but it also helps you track their health. The in-depth usage logs tell you when your cat uses the box and for how long. For multi-cat households, it can even differentiate between different users.

This functionality combined with an extra-large waste bin, open-top design, and customizable cleaning options puts this auto-cleaning litter box high above the competition.

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