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Boxiecat Litter Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Written by: Gabrielle McGhee

Last Updated on July 2, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Boxie Cat Litter

Boxiecat Litter Review 2024: A Detailed Look

Our Final Verdict

We give the Boxiecat litters an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Variety: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Cat Appeal: 5/5
Value: 5/5

Boxiecat is a revolutionary cat litter brand started in 2009 by cat lover Josh Wiesenfeld. Wanting a better litter box experience for both himself and his cat, Josh had an idea to improve the typical dusty litters that offer poor odor control while also exposing their users to harsh chemicals. Those typical litters, Josh knew, could not only have a negative impact on a cat’s health over time, but could also discourage kitties from using the litter box, resulting in frustrating behavioral problems that are often hard to rectify.

So, Josh started with the basics, creating a litter with absorbent clay and a proprietary blend of probiotics that effectively eliminate odor-causing bacteria in the litter box. But he didn’t stop there – Boxiecat’s founder also designed a litter with UV crystals, invisible to the human eye, but extremely inviting to kitties, helping prevent litter box aversion. Today, the Boxiecat line of cat litters consists of a variety of options to meet every cat’s and human’s needs, but the Boxie Pro and Boxie Glo lines continue to excel at what cat owners need most – a clean fuss-free litter that kitties like using.

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Image Product Details
Boxie Pro Clumping Clay Litter Boxie Pro Clumping Clay Litter
  • Clumping Clay
  • Probiotics
  • 99.9% Dust-free
  • Second place
    Boxie Pro Air Lightweight Clumping Litter Boxie Pro Air Lightweight Clumping Litter
  • Clumping Barley
  • Probiotics
  • 99.9% Dust-free
  • Third place
    Boxie Pro Crystal Probiotic Non Clumping Litter Boxie Pro Crystal Probiotic Non Clumping Litter
  • Clump-free Silica
  • Probiotics
  • Easy Upkeep
  • Boxie Glo Natural Attractions Clumping Clay Litter Boxie Glo Natural Attractions Clumping Clay Litter
  • Clumping Clay
  • Cat Attractants
  • 99.9% Dust-free
  • Boxie Glo Clumping Corn Litter Boxie Glo Clumping Corn Litter
  • Clumping Corn
  • Cat Attractants
  • 99% Dust-free
  • Boxie Glo Crystal Non-Clumping Crystal Litter Boxie Glo Crystal Non-Clumping Crystal Litter
  • Clump-free silica
  • Cat Attractants
  • Easy Upkeep
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    About Boxiecat

    Boxie Cat Litter

    Where is Boxiecat made and what is their mission?

    This California-based business set out with a mission to “be a force for good – for animals, people and the planet,” and did so by creating not only a cleaner litter for the house and the planet, but also one that would attract cats to use it when all else had failed. All products by Boxiecat are manufactured in the United States and utilize natural ingredients like bentonite clay, silica gel, corn, and wheat, with no added perfumes or dyes. This makes their line of cat litters eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and people-friendly. Furthermore, this small family-owned business led by founder and CEO Josh Wiesenfeld is committed to doing its part to help homeless animals and does so by regularly donating litter to shelters.

    Which Types of Cats is Boxiecat Best Suited For?

    Every indoor cat can benefit from using Boxiecat litters. Because it is designed to be almost 100% dust-free, it is unlikely to be irritating to the cat’s (or cat guardian’s) respiratory system. And because it does not contain any harsh chemicals that could be inhaled or ingested, it is a safe product for long-term use. Where this line of cat litter really shines though is the instances when it’s used to introduce former outdoor cats to the litter box, or as a reintroduction to appropriate litter usage by cats that have become litter box avoidant. This is due to the revolutionary Glo segment of the brand, which is designed to appeal to three of the cat’s major senses – vision, smell, and feel.

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    Key Features

    Boxie Cat Litter

    When it comes to cat litter, there really is no “one-size-fits-all.” Every cat owner knows how particular kitties can be, not to mention, cats view the world very differently than we do. Something that may seem appealing to us can be utterly revolting to our whiskered friends. For example, consider a covered litter box. To us, it may look cozy for the cat, and we enjoy that it prevents us from seeing a messy mound in the litter box. But a cat may very well view that covered box like we view a porta-potty – YUCK! That’s why Boxiecat has provided us pet parents with so many options, all of which are extremely affordable. Now we can find the right litter to make us and our cats happy.

    Scent-free Clumping Clay with Probiotics

    Clay cat litter, specifically, the clumping kind, is the gold standard of cat litter. Most clay litters do a good job at absorbing moisture and clumping into one solid lump that can easily be removed from the litter box. But most clay litters also have added perfumes to mask the scent of urine and feces, which can irritate a cat’s nasal passages, resulting in respiratory issues, and even dissuade the cat from visiting the litter box as often as they need to, if at all. This litter box avoidance can in turn cause urinary tract infections or result in urination/defecation on inappropriate surfaces in the house.

    Boxie Pro clay clumping litters are different. Formulated with naturally absorbent bentonite clay and a proprietary blend of probiotics to eliminate odors, not mask them, there is no need for harsh chemicals or added scents in these litters. And they are nearly completely dust-free, meaning almost no airborne particles to be inhaled by you or your cat.

    Clumping Clay with Cat Attractants

    The Boxie Glo version of Boxiecat’s basic clay clumping litter takes bentonite clay and makes it extra attractive to fussy kitties in three ways:

    • Glo Light Attractant – UV sparkles similar in appearance to urine proteins that tell Kitty “this is the place to go
    • Glo Outdoor Attractant – a mild scent reminiscent of the great outdoors, therefore especially useful for cats previously accustomed to living outdoors
    • Glo Paw Feel Attractant – special granules designed to feel like desert sand from where our domestic house cats originated in Africa

    Boxie Glo clumping clay litter has proven vastly effective in redirecting litter-avoidant kitties back to the litter box and is great for introducing feral or outdoor cats to the litter box for the first time.

    Boxie Cat Litter

    Clump-free Scent-free Crystals with Probiotics

    Although clay clumping litter is generally the most popular litter of any brand, there are legitimate reasons why it may not be the ideal litter for your household. Sometimes, lightweight, clump-free crystal litter is the way to go. This unusual-looking litter is generally white in color and made of silica beads derived from quartz sand. It works by absorbing and evaporating liquids and dehydrating solid waste, and does not clump, meaning the cat owner only has to scoop solid waste from the box. This can be a benefit for a disabled person, or a person that is away from home a lot and unable to scoop the box frequently. Crystal litters are also lightweight, which some cats prefer, particularly those with arthritis. And finally, crystal litters are naturally very low dust, contributing to a cleaner litter box experience.

    Boxie Pro crystal litter provides all the usual crystal litter benefits but goes the extra mile by featuring probiotics to ensure odors and bacteria are eliminated from the litter box after the cat has used it.

    Clump-free Crystals with Cat Attractants

    Cats that have never used crystal litter before may not immediately recognize it as an acceptable litter box substrate. That’s where Boxiecat’s magical sensory attractants come into play again. The Boxie Glo version of Boxiecat’s crystal litter has the typical low-dust silica beads which absorb and evaporate moisture and eliminate odors, with the added benefit of the same sight, smell, and feel attractants found in the Glo clay litter.

    Clumping Barley with Probiotics

    Another great option for picky kitties is the 99.9% dust-free Boxie Pro Air litter, a probiotic-rich, plant-based clumping litter derived from barley and especially great for cats with arthritis that may find digging in heavy litter painful. It’s also great for declawed cats, which often experience long-term pain or tenderness around their missing toe tips. Boxiecat’s lightweight barley litter is likely to produce more tracking outside the litter box, but this is easily addressed by using a litter mat. Barley litter is also biodegradable and made from a renewable resource, making it more eco-friendly than clay litter.

    Clumping Corn with Cat Attractants

    Another eco-friendly, biodegradable cat litter, Boxie Glo Clumping Corn litter is a great choice for people concerned for our planet’s future. It is also 99% dust free and great at stopping odors. And because it is part of the Glo line of Boxiecat products, it of course contains the three proprietary cat attractants that address sight, smell, and feel to help guide kitties to the litter box. Corn litter is also considered one of the safest litters for humans and cats alike.

    Boxie Cat Litter

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What are probiotics and how do they work?

    Probiotics are harmless living microorganisms that digest bacteria and eliminate odors. By adding these probiotics to their litters, Boxiecat has ensured their Pro line of products provides chemical-free deodorization of the litter box 24/7.

    I read bentonite clay sometimes contains heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. Are there heavy metals in Boxiecat clay litters?

    Bentonite clay is a natural product from our environment, and as such, can naturally contain some levels of these heavy metals. It is important to note that this is a potential concern in virtually all clay cat litters, of any brand, and just one important reason why we must reduce toxins where we can. The Boxiecat brand has avoided adding harmful chemicals and fragrances to their clay litters for exactly this purpose. It’s also the reason they offer other types of litter besides clay, so that every cat guardian can choose the right litter for their household.

    Do the Boxiecat crystal litters contain harmful silica dust?

    Crystal litters are naturally very low dust, but furthermore, Boxiecat crystal litters do not contain harmful crystalline silica, which is a carcinogen. Instead, their litters are formulated with silica gel, which is generally safe for humans and animals.

    How expensive are Boxiecat litters?

    Not expensive at all! In general, a 30-day supply of any litter from their website costs between $20 and $26. Keep in mind that this is for one cat – a multi-cat household will obviously go through a bag of litter quicker.

    What if my cat doesn’t like the Boxiecat litter that I choose?

    Boxiecat provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all their cat litters and will replace or refund one bag purchased through their website. If your purchase was made through a 3rd party retailer, and that retailer will not refund or replace the bag, Boxiecat will provide a replacement item, but is unable to accommodate cash refunds.

    Do make sure, however, that you are following best practices when attempting to switch your existing cat litter to Boxiecat. Some cats will not appreciate a sudden change, and may need a transitional period, during which a layer of the new litter is applied to the bottom of the box and covered by an inch or two of their old litter. This gradual approach should help your cat accept the change without difficulty.

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    Reviews of Boxiecat’s Pro and Glo Clay Litters

    1. Boxie Pro Clumping Clay Litter

    Boxie Cat Litter

    This bentonite clay litter features a proprietary blend of probiotics formulated to eliminate bacteria from the litter box. Bacteria tracked from the litter box by your kitty could end up on other surfaces that your cat comes into contact with, so the fact that this litter is essentially self-cleaning is a big step towards a cleaner household, not just a cleaner litter box. Bacteria are also responsible for odors in and around the litter box, making this probiotic-rich litter great at minimizing or eliminating these smells at the source. Since the probiotics are handling the dirty work, there’s no need for harmful added sanitizing or deodorizing chemicals. And Boxie Pro’s clay litter transforms urine into solid clumps that are easily scooped and removed from the litter box.

    • Natural bentonite clay
    • Hard clumping
    • Self-cleaning
    • 40-day odor control
    • Tracking resistant
    • 99% dust free
    • No added fragrance
    • No cheap fillers
    • Heavy litter
    • Not biodegradable

    2. Boxie Glo Clumping Clay Litter

    Boxie Cat Litter

    This cat litter takes hard-clumping bentonite clay and adds something special – three special things in fact, which can be found in the ingredient list on the back of the bag. The first is silica gel, which comprises the special silica bead granules engineered to feel like desert sand on Kitty’s feet. The second is an olfactory attractant, which is great for attracting cats to the box as it replicates the smell of the outdoors where cats instinctually want to do their business. And the third is a special UV coating which creates sparkles only your cat can see. Why are special kitty sparkles important? Because something else that sparkles are urine proteins. So when your cat sees the UV sparkles in the box, it thinks, “Yep, this is where I go to the bathroom.”

    • Available in 16 and 28 lb bags
    • Affordable
    • Autoship available
    • Available through Chewy and Petsmart
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Potentially harmful if swallowed
    • Airborne particles may irritate airways
    • May naturally contain trace heavy metals
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    Our Experience With Boxiecat Litters

    I recently tested out two of Boxiecat’s clay litters with my cat, Luna – Boxie Pro, with probiotics, and Boxie Glo, with its blend of Cat Attractants. Luna has used clay litter for the last four years, ever since I got her as a kitten, so I had no doubt she would take to these litters right away, which she did. In fact, when I first set down a fresh litter box containing the Boxie Glo clumping clay litter with Cat Attractants for the first time, I immediately heard her scratching in the box the moment I walked out of the room. When I returned a few minutes later to see what she had left for me, there was a nice tight clump of urine-soaked litter. Success!

    Over the next several days, I found scooping the litter box to be a much more pleasant experience. Both Boxie Pro and Boxie Glo clay litters are extremely low dust, actually producing no noticeable dust to my eyes or nose. With Luna’s previous clay litters (I have used a variety of brands), I have always had to hold my breath and squint my eyes to avoid an unpleasant interaction with the dusty cloud that would arise from her litter box as I sifted for clumps. I can only imagine what poor Luna has been experiencing these last few years, and genuinely wish I had found Boxiecat sooner!

    The other much-appreciated feature of both of these litters is no added perfumes. I have always tried to purchase litters without added scents, but sometimes that’s all that’s left on the store shelf when I go to buy litter, so that’s what I get stuck with. I know these additional chemicals are not good for me or my cat, and I appreciate that this brand knows that, too. The Boxie Glo litter does contain a special olfactory attractant in their ingredients to draw kitties towards the litter box, but it’s nothing that my human nose has been able to detect.

    Overall, I am pleased with both of these litters. I currently have two litter boxes for Luna, side by side, with Boxie Pro in one and Boxie Glo in the other, and she is happy to use either. I am thrilled that both litters produce no noticeable dust, and both are tight clumping which makes scooping the litter box a breeze. I have also noticed zero ammonia odors in the room where her box is. In the future, I think I would prefer to buy Boxie Pro, due to the special probiotics that work non-stop to clean bacteria from the litter box. But to anyone experiencing litter box avoidance with their cats, I will now be recommending Boxie Glo, as my cat did seem instantly intrigued by this litter.

    Boxie Cat Litter

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    Boxiecat took long-accepted litter box standards and raised the bar. They transformed the most popular type of cat litter (clay) and not only made a version resistant to bacteria growth with their Pro line, but also engineered a way to bring previously avoidant kitties back to the litter box with Glo’s Cat Attractants. They avoided unnecessary chemicals that can be invisibly harming our cats’ health with long-term use, and also ensured every cat guardian can find the litter option that’s right for their household by offering eco-friendly corn and barley litters, as well as low-maintenance crystal litter. Finally, with over 268,000 pounds of litter donated to shelters so far, Boxiecat is truly doing all they can to improve cats’ lives, people’s lives, and the planet.

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