Are Any of These Luxury Cat Items Really Worth Your Buck?


Like most everyone, I think it’d be pretty cool if a sudden windfall were to land in my lap. An extra pile of cash is always welcome, and I can think of a zillion ways I could spend the newfound moola.

Depending on the number of dollars in my possession, I’d probably pay off some bills, take a vacation, buy a few new clothes, and definitely spoil my cats a little bit. Believe me, they’re already pretty rotten, but there are some kitty-related products and projects I’d buy if my wallet were a little thicker. And then there are some I’d likely avoid.

For example, this Swarovski crystal-encrusted cat flap, which is no longer on the market (surprise) was once available for a cool ┬ú1,000 ($1,684). This is a fine example of something I would absolutely not purchase with my windfall money. If it were still available, that is … which it’s not. I just need a flap to “flap,” not be red-carpet ready.

Moving on to what’s actually available for purchase: Would you spend any of your new wad of cash on these?

1. 10-foot fantasy tree

Depending on the type of covering and add-ons, this fancy giant will run you around $2,000. The tree includes four shelves and platforms, as well as a space at the bottom to curl up and sleep. First of all, I don’t have the space in my house for a tree like this. It would wind up looking like the Griswolds’ Christmas tree in Christmas Vacation. And would my cats really appreciate the two grand I’d shelled out for it? It is pretty cool, though.

And hey, you can add an “enchanted fairy door” for $35. I suppose if I had a giant house and a giant stack of Benjamins, I might consider the purchase.

2. Wedding bed

First let me be clear that I fully support independent artists who are out there doing their own thing. Etsy is teeming with talent — I’ve bought many handcrafted treasures through Etsy vendors. The question is, would I spend $2,300 for a pet’s “wedding bed”? I certainly don’t judge people for their purchases, but my short answer would probably be no.

I’m sure it takes a lot of time and an artistic eye to put together this piece of art, which is created with gold bridal silk and Swarovski crystals (again with the Swarovski), but I can’t imagine I’d lay down that kind of cash when my kitties are quite happy with a simple bed … or a shoebox. And I don’t think they plan on getting married anytime soon.

3. “Catified” house

I’m sure many of you have read about this California home that received a $35,000 “catification” upgrade. I know that’s a ton of money (for me, anyway); however, if I could swing it, I’d definitely give my home this kind of makeover. I mean, look at the cool shelves and walkways! Go, cat, go!

4. Alessi Tigrito cat bowl

OK, I know this isn’t necessarily a “luxury” item, but it is close to $70 for a cat bowl — which isn’t even a fountain! I’ve spent that kind of cash on a fountain, but this is just a set of bowls with a cat-tail handle. To me, that seems a little on the pricey side. It is so cute, though, and I do believe I’d throw down some of my windfall to purchase three of them, one for each cat. And maybe one for me to fill with my own snacks.

5. Luxury catio

I’ve always wanted a really spectacular catio for my kitties. You know, a space where we can enjoy the outdoors together. I love the Zen-vibe of this particular catio, and if I had a bunch of extra dough, I’d totally get my catio on.

6. Swarovski collar

Swarovski? You don’t say. Yes, here’s another Etsy artist creating crystal pet products. This one is a gorgeous breakaway cat collar encrusted in 100-percent Swarovski crystals. It’s around $85, which is more than I’d personally spend on a cat collar. It is gorgeous, though.

We could have made a drinking game out of this post. Every time you read the word “Swarovski,” you have to take a drink.


Would you purchase any of these cat products? Let us know in the comments!

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