Kitty Dream Home


I ran across these photos at which appeared without text explanation. This is sort of Malibu Barbie Dream House for cats. It’s not as artful as Bob Walker and Frances Mooney’s iconic cat house, but I don’t think these cats mind — the shelves get a lot of play.

If you have several cats in your home, you might consider adding a few shelves to your walls. When we toured the animal research facility at Iams/Eukanuba where the cats are housed in a cage-free environment (with LOTS of cat shelves and hammocks), the behaviorist explained that the high shelves give the cats who are the lowest in the social hierarchy somewhere to get away from the alpha cats. The alpha cats stay low, and the cats who are lowest in the pecking order climb onto the highest shelves. Everyone’s happy. If you have problems with cats getting along in a multi-cat household, shelves might offer some relief.

If these don’t quite fit in with your design sensibilities, moderncat is a great resource for artful, aesthetically pleasing cat shelf designs. Check ’em out. The Walker/Mooney book, The Cat’s House, is also an inspiration.


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