Isabella Survived Being Put in a Microwave as a Kitten


Isabella’s story starts out sounding like an urban myth from the 1980s. She was five weeks old and living in Florida when a small boy placed her inside a microwave, closed the door, and turned it on. The kitten was inside the appliance for at least five seconds, and her body was bombarded with harmful rays, which left her in a horrific physical state.

Miraculously, Isabella managed to survive the ordeal, which took place 12 years ago. This is her story, as told by the woman who adopted and rehabilitated her.


“I was working as a vet’s assistant when we got a call from animal control,” says Denise Walsh, who now lives in Michigan. “They said a woman told them her son had put a cat in a microwave.”


When the kitten arrived at the veterinarian, who agreed to take her in and waive any fees, the extent of her injuries was revealed.

“Oh my gosh,” says Denise as recounts Isabella’s condition. “It was mainly her extremities that were the problem, as they were burned, and she also had a hole in her ear. It’s crooked, too.

“Isabella also now has what we call a skinny paw and a fat paw, because one of them is deformed,” she continues. “We didn’t think one of her paws was going to make it, because it was basically so infected that it was falling off.”


“I had to bandage her paw three times a day because her skin was sloughing off all over her body. Even now, her back paws have white lines along her bones where she was burned,” she says.

Denise also adds that Isabella lost half of her tail, leaving her “kinda looking like a bobtail.”


Despite her physical condition, Denise was instantly smitten with Isabella. “I fell in love with her and took her home as soon as possible and took care of her there, and she became my world,” she says.


When asked about the circumstances that led to Isabella being put in a microwave, Denise speculates: “We think the kid was just too young, maybe like 4 years old. All we know is the mother called and said her son put the cat in the microwave. It was probably a situation where no one was paying attention, I assume, although I can’t imagine why even a child would put a kitten in a microwave.”


Fortunately, Isabella’s torment inside the microwave was cut short before she suffered any lasting damage to her internal organs or mental faculties.

“She’s an amazing and loving cat,” says Denise. “Me and her have a bond that is unbelievable. It doesn’t matter where I am, she’s with me. She’s such a lovable cat — I don’t think she even remembers what happened.”

These days, the 12-year-old Isabella enjoys her forever home with the company of another cat, as well as some dogs and birds. The home does contain a microwave, but Denise says, “Isabella’s never shown a reaction to it.”

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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