I Helped Find a Lost Cat via Telepathic Communication


When I’m not writing for Catster or Dogster, I’m working in my animal communication and consulting business. I help people and their furry companions in many ways, including resolving behavioral changes with animals, assisting with the grief associated with animals making their transition, and reuniting families with missing animals. Each area has its own challenges and rewards. But, I have to admit, nothing compares to helping families find their lost animals and bringing them home safe and sound.

From my office in Georgia, I’ve worked with families all over the world. I’ve become a known expert in this area of animal communication through my many successes and the media coverage of this work. Unfortunately, there are never any guarantees that a missing animal and family will be reunited.

Understandably, there are many reasons why an animal can’t or doesn’t choose to return. This includes being stolen, passing away while not at home, and being too scared to return after being chased away by a predator. But, when an animal is reunited with his or her family, it’s an incredible feeling to know that the information I was able to convey helped make that happen.

I thought I would share a recent success story of how I helped a lost gray tabby reunite with his family. A client from Vermont contacted me regarding her missing gray tabby. The cat had disappeared without a trace, and no one had seen him for a couple of days. The cat was a formal feral who had visited their repair shop eight years before and decided it would be a nice place to call home. He is a hefty boy, weighing more than 20 lbs. He would stay in the shop at night, sleep, eat, and mostly keep to himself. Each day he’d find a sunny spot outside the building and spend the day there. Since his arrival, he’d never left the premises. The end of the driveway was the farthest he would go. Was he stolen? Was he scared away?

As with all of my lost cat cases, I collected the necessary information: the cat’s name, a picture of the cat, the date the cat went missing, and the address where the cat was last seen. From there, I communicated with the cat to receive any relevant information about immediate surroundings.

In general, when I make a connection with an animal, it’s an intuitive, or telepathic, connection. I also use a technique called map dowsing to determine where the animal’s energy is the strongest when we are communicating. Together, they provided me with information from the cat that I shared with his family.

To narrow down the search area, I also included a map of the area with three push-pins indicating where they should search for their cat. Lastly, I offered additional suggestions and guidance regarding their particular scenario in an effort to maximize the chance of finding the missing cat.

The information I had collected led me to a much larger warehouse-type building. The cat’s energy felt like it was stuck inside the building, but he was able to move around freely. There were three large wood-working buildings across the road and down the street from the shop. I suggested that the family check in and around the buildings, making sure to look under and inside of places where he could hide or become trapped. He’d never crossed the road or left the shop area before, but my client took my advice and began the search.

However, a big challenge had presented itself. It was late in the day on a Friday, and the wood-working business was closed for the weekend. She searched the exterior thoroughly to no avail. She looked in windows and called for her cat, but she didn’t see him inside or hear his voice. When she returned from her search that evening, she asked me if he could hear her calling his name. I communicated with him, and he said that he could hear her. That was a relief to both of us!

She impatiently waited for the business to open Monday morning. She hoped that her cat would be in one of the buildings and that he hadn’t starved or become dehydrated over the weekend. At 8 a.m. Monday, she was waiting at the door for the first worker to arrive. They opened the buildings one by one until they reached the third building, which was farthest away. As they opened the door, they began to look around and under everything in the building. At the farthest end of the building, behind a large pile of lumber, a big gray kitty stuck his head out to see what was going on. Smiles, laughter and tears emanated from everyone there. It was indeed her big gray tabby!

While I’ve had many successful stories like this, including reuniting a cat with his family after being gone for 14 months, they aren’t all successful for many reasons, including those I mentioned previously. If you or someone you know have a missing animal and would like to find out more about the lost-animal services I offer, please visit my website for more information. There are also many helpful lost-animal tips listed there that anyone can use to help find a missing animal.

Have you found a lost pet? What methods did you use to find him or her? Have you had experience communicating with an animal telepathically?

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