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Cat High Five GIFs We Love: Watch These Awesome Cat

Written by: Catster Editorial Team

Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

bengal cat gives a high-five paw to the owner

Cat High Five GIFs We Love: Watch These Awesome Cat

What happens when the opposite worlds of bros and cats collide? A whole bunch of feline-to-human high-fiving, naturally. At least that’s what ensues in a bunch of animated gifs hovering around the Internet showing the Ed Hardy-sporting set inducing their kitties to raise a paw and show their appreciation. Surprisingly, the cats all seem fine with the trend.

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In celebration of this new and somewhat queasy union, here are seven of the most bro-tastic examples of cats and their owners celebrating each other.

Remember: When kitty high-fiving, it is imperative to always keep it nonchalant. (Source)

A high-five for a head scratch is always a fair trade. (Source)

World championship level high-fiving in all its double-pawed glory. (Source)

This high-five under duress hides the dignified cat’s disdain for its human’s slovenly and slouchy lifestyle. (Source)

The lesser-spotted feline personal trainer in action. High-fiving is an easy way to motivate the human. (Source)

A blast of “Eye of the Tiger” would push the testosterone factor on display here to stratospheric levels. (Source)

Presenting the best high-five GIF in history. Totes adorbs! (Source)

Laugh with us:

Featured Image Credit: Svetlana Rey, Shutterstock


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