How can I Protect my Cat From Ear Mites?


My cat gets ear mites and he passes it on to my
inside cat. I have read some home remedy books and
they said to try baby oil. I did. It helped a
little. Do you have any inexpensive methods to

Baldwin, PA

In my experience, you get what you pay for with ear mite treatments.

Ear mites are parasitic organisms that, as the name implies, infest the ears of cats and dogs. Ear mites cause intense itching. Pets with ear mites may have red, swollen ears that are clogged with dark wax. Ear mites are contagious.

Ear mites can be very frustrating. But they need not be. A number of home remedies, such as mineral oil or baby oil, are touted as ear mite treatments. But in my experience such over-the-counter antidotes don’t work very well.

The good news is that there are several safe and effective treatments for ear mites. The bad news: you’ll have to go to the vet to get them.

First, it is important to confirm that your cats have ear mites. Ear infections may be clinically indistinguishable from ear mite infestations. To confirm that mites are present, your vet may need to examine debris from the ears under a microscope.

Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, the vet can prescribe a medication such as Revolution or Advantage Multi to deal with the problem. Both cats will need treatment initially. Once the mites have been eliminated, you may only need to treat the cat that goes outside.

Although a trip to the vet may not be fun, in the long run it is likely to save you and your cats from a great deal of suffering.

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