How can I Change my Cat’s Diet?


My kitten of 10 months will not eat dry cat food. What can I do to get him to eat it?


An old adage holds that one can lead a horse to water but one can’t make it drink. Cats are not horses. One can neither lead them to water (or food) nor make them drink (or eat).

Some cats develop strong food preferences. These cats may resist diet changes. In my experience, the best way to transition cats from one food to another is to do it very gradually. Dolores, try mixing a small amount of dry food in with the wet. If your cat eats the mixture, you can increase the proportion of dry food a bit each day. After several days, you may have switched him to dry food without him realizing it.

Or, you may not have. Some cats don’t fall for the trick. If your cat is in this group, you may want to try other brands of dry food. Or, you could continue to feed wet food and dedicate a few minutes of each day to brushing his teeth to combat dental disease (wet food promotes dental problems more rapidly than dry food).

I should point out that in the case of the health benefits and risks of dry food v. wet food, the jury is still out. Wet food has been linked to dental disease and hyperthyroidism (so have home made diets). Dry food may be linked to obesity.

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