Hosico Is a Fluffy Scottish Cat From Moscow With Many Fans


Who is Hosico? What is Hosico? And why is he so famous online?

Good questions, all of them.

In short, Hosico is a two-year-old male Scottish Straight who lives in Moscow, where he has racked up a genuinely gargantuan online following (493,000 followers so far) thanks to the photos of him that light up his Instagram account.

Let’s dig deeper into Hosico’s story.

A welcome addition to the tribe

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

When it comes to arriving in his forever home in Moscow, Hosico’s human says, “Our entire family loves animals. We have always had cats, dogs and fish.”

Hosico himself was scooped up as a “little gold kitten” who just so happened to come with a side of fleas. Once he’d been treated, though, he was well on his way to worldwide social media fame.

Online baby steps

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

Asked why the family members started posting photos of Hosico online, his human says it was simply because they thought he was “cute and funny.”

The secret of Hosico’s success

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

At the time of writing, Hosico can claim nearly half a million Instagram fans. Just how did a portly ginger chap manage to amass such a sterling following? Well, according to his human, the cat’s mass appeal is simple:

“Hosico has become popular because he is very fluffy and cute.” His human adds, “They call him fluffy cheeks.”

All about them zzzs…

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

According to Hosico’s official papers, he’s something of a “timid” character. His hobbies are also said to include the feline-approved trilogy of eating, sleeping and playing. When nap time arrives, Hosico’s human says one of his most distinctive slumber tactics is “to climb into a bowl and sleep there.”

Improvised playtime

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

When Hosico isn’t napping, you’ll find him searching for new toys to play with, as he apparently gets bored quite easily.

“He only really likes to play with new toys,” explains his human, “because in only a week he gets bored of them.”

That being so, Hosico’s favorite playthings include shoelaces, bits of branches from trees, tennis balls and rolled-up wads of paper.

Hosico’s doppelgängers

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

According to his human, Hosico is regularly confused with a number of other notable pop culture felines. Chief among his list of doppelgängers are the Puss in Boots character from the movie Shrek and famed lasagna-fiend Garfield.

Oh, and apparently Hosico also is sometimes mistaken for a squirrel or even a particularly large hamster. Dignity, Hosico, dignity.

What’s a Scottish Straight?

Image via hosico_cat Instagram

As I mentioned at the top of this post, Hosico is a Scottish Straight, even though he might resemble the more common Scottish Fold in the face and eyes. True to his breed’s traits, he’s all about following his humans around while somewhat resembling a large plush ginger teddy bear.

Check out Hosico’s Instagram page for more of his photos and adventures.

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