There’s No Place Like Home! There’s No Place Like Home!

Those of you who’ve read about the Dewey the Library Cat know what a valuable addition a cat can be to a library. In Poland recently, a library cat name Kubus (pictured above) was recently evicted by an evil regional director. Please join me in an email campaign to return Kubus to his rightful place in the library. Here are the details:


I just read a heartbreaking article in a Polish leading newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza about Polish Dewey… his name is Kubus and he just was kicked out from a small library where he was everybody’s favorite pet by a heartless regional director! The librarians and hundreds of readers are fighting to reestablish Kubus’s right to live in the library.

Interesting that original Dewey’s story is being used to fight for Kubus’s rights!

Please email the director:

I bet that emails of support for Kubus send from abroad will help all Polish supporters…

I suggest:

Subject: Support for Kubus from Your Town, Your Country

I support the right of cat Kubus to live in the library. Please change your decision removing Kubus from his home.

(you may add some extra text and sign)


[PHOTO CREDIT: Bartomiej Barczyk / AG]