And Now, 10 Cranky Cats in Boxes


Cats and boxes go together like milk and cookies. A brand-new empty box is usually empty for a matter of seconds before one of my cats claims it as their own. There must be some sort of magnetic force in boxes that only affects cats, because they seem to know when a fresh box is available, even from the other side of the house.

Kitties usually look quite content when occupying a cardboard container. However, I recently stumbled across some photos of cats who, despite the magical presence of a box, look like total cranky pusses.

1. Shoebox sourpuss

Shoeboxes are a classic feline-favorite. How on earth could a cat look grouchy while sitting in one? This is truly one of life’s mysteries, which may forever go unsolved.

2. Free frown with $35 purchase

Amazon boxes are always popular in my house. They’re usually the perfect size for a cat loaf, and my kitties are always eager to fill the “pan.” I love how this calico’s frown sits right above the arrow-smile on the side of the box.

3. Go away

This is my Phoebe, showing obvious disdain for something, and the box surely isn’t doing anything to raise her mood. This, my friends, is a waste of a perfectly good box. Or maybe she just wants me to put away the camera.

4. Irritation marinating

Sometimes cats want to be left alone to marinate in their own irritation — irritation that even a sweet box with flaps can’t remedy.

5. Stuff this

Cats usually don’t want to share a box with anyone … especially not a weird-looking stuffed bear.

6. Rip-off city!

This cat wonders where the rest of the box is. I guess I’d feel cranky too if my box was missing some of its boxiness. What a rip-off!

7. Privacy, please

It’s a good day when your body fits inside a box just perfectly. It’s a bad day when people won’t stop hassling you while you’re trying to enjoy the box.

8. Side-view surliness

Cats will try to squash themselves into most any kind of box, no matter what the shape. This cat’s found a really cool one whose opening is on the side! This makes for even better hiding from humans and dogs. She better have a good excuse for that surly look on her face.

9. Costco cranky

Great box! Costco, perhaps? A cat with a sweet box like this better count her blessings. Not every cat is lucky enough to have a human with a Costco card. Get over it!

10. Stuffed with grumpiness

I think cats like it when a box is a little tight. They feel a sense of accomplishment after squeezing their bodies into the cardboard receptacle. This is why there’s absolutely no reason for this cat to look irritated. You did it! Enjoy the box already!

Do you have any photos of your cat looking cranky inside a box? Share them in the comments!

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