Friday Fanglish Cat Slang: Words About Summer


It’s the end of the work week, but we’re not ready to call it quits just yet. Have you forgotten our Friday Fanglish cat slang lesson? Of course you haven’t forgotten or you wouldn’t be right here, right now, ready for the next installment of your continuing education!

Welcome to all the new students. Each Friday, we gather to learn a new set of cat slang words. They come from a secret language called Fanglish, which has been spoken by the worldwide community of cats since the dawn of time. Only now have humans had the opportunity for a glimpse inside the underground feline lingo, and it’s for good reason. Kitties like to keep an air of mystery about themselves, and communicating in a super-sneaky slang language (slanguage?) when we aren’t around works just fine for them.

Thank goodness for a feline informant who’s willing to exchange bits and pieces of Fanglish for bags of chicken cat treats. His only request is that we don’t out him to his brethren. He’d be all kinds of excommunicated, and he can’t handle that. He’s a new father and also a member of the Catnip Council. Cats everywhere would be shocked to learn of his breach. We won’t tell, right? Right.

“Summer” is the theme of this week’s Fanglish list. I know the calendar hasn’t switched seasons, but it certainly is warm in many parts of the country and American Memorial Day is Monday, which is the unofficial kickoff to summertime. So why not?

Here we go! Grab your thinking cap and let’s get on with the lesson!

1. Sunnyside up

A position in which one lies on their back in a patch on sun.

“In the late afternoon hours, Petie enjoyed a little sunnyside up.”

2. Sink installation

Fully installed.
Fully installed.

The action of positioning oneself to rest inside a sink.

“The heat made Ralphie opt for a complete sink installation.”

3. Hullabaloo jay

The excitement and drama of a Blue Jay crashing into a window.

“The Lady heard a loud noise and ran into the living room to find Ophelia and Herbert in a state of complete hullabaloo jay.”

4. Harnessing excitement

To much to harness!
Too much to harness!

Placing a harness on a cat who’s enthusiastically anticipating an outdoor adventure.

“Kitty Boy purred and meowed happily when The Lady started harnessing excitement.”

5. Hollaback squirrel

A squirrel who makes noises at a cat.

“The Lady heard Marge chirping at the hollaback squirrel in the backyard.”

6. Dripster

A cool cat who knows how to turn on a faucet to drink from the stream of water.

“Potpie and Rocky rolled their eyes at Winston, a total dripster who thought he was better than everybody else.”

7. Window-shopping

"So many options."
“So many options.”

Watching an insect on the opposite side of a glass window.

“There were no bugs inside, so Hank took to window-shopping the ones crawling on the patio.”

8. Got hosed

Sprayed by a hose through a window screen.

“Lou Lou accidentally got hosed while The Man watered his flower bed.”

9. Screen shot

"Not cool. Open the door."
“Not cool. Open the door.”

A photo of a cat taken through a screen.

“Polly wanted to go outside, but The Lady took screen shots instead of opening the door.”

10. Got up in one’s grill

Entered the nose; usually describing scents originating from food cooking on a grill.

“The Lady cooked chicken and the smell got up in Bitsy’s grill.”

11. Sunny with a chance of disappointment

Sunny weather that’s interrupted by passing clouds.

“Cupcake decided to nap near the window even though it was sunny with a chance of disappointment.”

12. Solar charged

Fully charged!
Fully charged!

Warm from the heat from the sun.

“By the end of the afternoon, Vera was well-rested and solar-charged.”

13. Lord of the flies

A cat who’s trapped a fly between a sliding glass door and a screen.

“Kit Kat became lord of the flies when a wayward fly thought he could escape through a hole in the screen.”

14. Hot fuzz

Cat fur that’s warmed from the sun.

“The Lady’s hands were cold from the air conditioning, so she placed them on Jo Jo’s hot fuzz.”

Thanks for stopping by. Come back next week for a brand new list of cat slang!

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