Free Spay/Neuter in FEB for SF Residents


Did you know that overpopulation is the number one killer of dogs and cats in America? As part of an awareness campaign and in an effort to encourage San Francisco residents to spay or neuter their unfixed dogs or cats, the SF SPCA is offering FREE spay and neuter surgeries during the month of February 2011. Call them at 415-554-3030 to schedule an appointment.

The following terms and conditions apply to this spay/neuter offer:

  • This is a limited time offer. To qualify for a free spay/neuter of your cat or dog, the surgery must be scheduled for a date during the month of February 2011. Any appointment scheduled for a date outside of February 1-28, 2011 will be charged according to SF SPCA regular service rates. Appointments scheduled outside of February may be eligible for reduced service fees, as determined by the SF SPCA and each individual client’s economic situation.
  • This offer is available to City and County of San Francisco individual residents only.
  • Spay/neuter of cats and dogs only. No other animals. The SF SPCA only performs spay/neuter surgery on healthy animals under seven years old.
  • The SF SPCA has a limited number of February spay/neuter appointments available. Spay/neuter appointments will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Once all available February appointments are filled, no additional free spay/neuter appointments will be available.
  • Spay/neuter appointment cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled spay/neuter appointment by calling the SF SPCA at 415-554-3030. If you cancel a scheduled February spay/neuter appointment, then you will not be permitted to schedule another free spay/neuter appointment in February 2011. If the SF SPCA does not receive at least 48 hours advance notice of appointment cancellation, then you will be charged a $28.50 cancellation fee, which must be paid before the SF SPCA will provide any services to your pet.
  • If the doctor recommends necessary additional medical services (such as hernia repair or easy dental extractions) or if you request elective services (such as flea control and prevention products or micro-chipping), then you will be charged for any and all additional services according to SF SPCA regular service rates.
  • The SF SPCA reserves the right to refuse to spay/neuter any dog or cat for any reason. The doctor may decide to postpone surgery if your pet has any condition that may complicate surgery. These issues will be discussed during the check-in exam.
  • The SF SPCA recommends that your pet be fully vaccinated prior to surgery. If your dog or cat is unvaccinated at the time of surgery, you will be solely liable for any surgery-related infection.

The SFSPCA is committed to working toward ending cat and dog overpopulation in our community and beyond. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please consider making a donation to help fund this initiative.

The SF SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic offers a variety of surgery discounts for owned cats and dogs in San Franciso:

  • 25% – 100% off for low-income San Francisco residents, determined by the number of people in the household and average monthly income for all household members.
  • 10% off for San Francisco residents, regardless of income
  • 10% off for existing SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital clients, regardless of income and residency
  • 20% off for San Francisco full-time students, regardless of income
  • 20% off for San Francisco senior citizens over the age of 65, regardless of income

Discounts cannot be combined. When applicable, discounts may require proof of the following:

  • San Francisco residency
  • Low-income status
  • Enrollment as a full-time student
  • Senior citizen status

For more information, go the SFSPCA website.

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