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6 Amazing DIY Cat Couch Plans You Can Create at Home

Written by: Kerry-Ann Kerr

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

Domestic long hair cat on a sofa

6 Amazing DIY Cat Couch Plans You Can Create at Home

There’s nothing better than curling up with your best friend on the couch after a long day. But we all need our own space sometimes, and that is true even for our feline friends. You can give them the couch of their dreams, so even when you’re both getting some alone time, you can enjoy it together!
This article will examine some of the most imaginative and best plans you can find online. Some are simple, while others might require experience with tools. No matter what you’re looking for or your skill level, however, we have something for you below.

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The 6 DIY Cat Couch Plans You Can Create at Home

1. DIY Cat Couch

Materials: Fabric, foam, plywood, corner braces, prong tee nuts, end table legs
Skill level: Intermediate
Other tools needed:  Temporary adhesive spray, knife

This cute cat couch is relatively simple to construct once you have all the materials. The author provides a detailed guide that includes well-drawn plans, a material list, and step-by-step instructions. Your cat will be warm and cozy after a long, busy day.

2. Mini Couch for Toddlers, Pets, or Dolls

DIY Tiny Couch That Jo Chick
Image Credit: That Jo Chick
Materials: Cardboard banana box, extra cardboard boxes, used puffy linen comforter
Skill level: Intermediate
Other tools needed:  Scissors, duct tape, glue, thread, sewing needle

If you have a few cardboard boxes and can get a banana box from your grocery store, you have the makings for this Mini Couch! The banana box is the perfect size for an adult cat to lounge on. Along with the boxes, you will also need an old puffy comforter that you do not mind cutting up. You will use the fabric squares inside the comforter to glue onto the boxes to give them some softness. Next, you will use the outer fabric of the comforter to sew the covering for this mini couch. Your cat will love it!

3. Cat Couch Upholstered Miniature Furniture

Materials: Old cat scratch couch, plywood 3/4″ thick, foam padding, filtered padding, a sheet of fabric
Skill level: Expert
Other tools needed:  Sewing machine, drill, saw, clamps, staple gun, scissors

If you have an old cat scratch couch lying around, you can upholster it into something very comfortable for your kitty. The Cat Couch Upholstered Miniature Furniture video walks you through the steps to spruce up your old cat scratcher.
Keep in mind that this project is not for beginners. Making this cat couch involves using a saw, drill, and staple gun. However, if you feel you are up for the task, your cat will definitely appreciate the final project.

4. Crochet Kitty Couch

DIY Red Heart Crochet Kitty Couch O'Go Yarnspirations
Image Credit: Yarnspirations
Materials: Yarn, foam
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed:  Crochet hook, yarn needles, glue gun, scissors

This crochet kitty couch is perfect for your cat to curl up in and have a good snooze. You’ll almost be a little jealous of how comfy they are! Again, crafting experience is necessary for this design, so if you’re brand new to crocheting, we suggest you start smaller before jumping into making a couch. However, it’s an easy pattern that shouldn’t take too long to master. Also, since it’s made from yarn, it’s machine washable!

5. Knitted Cat Couch

DIY cat couch knitting pattern Knitting
Image Credit: Knitting
Materials: Yarn, cardboard box, cotton batting
Skill level: Intermediate
Other tools needed:  Knitting needles

Even if you’re skilled in knitting, this is a complex pattern, so we suggest steering clear of this one if you’re new. If your skills allow, it’s a beautiful, comfy couch that your cat will definitely appreciate. When you examine the author’s photo of the sofa, you’ll be shocked that it’s not professionally made.

6. DIY Adorable Sofa Bed

Materials: Cardboard box, foam sheet, fabric, sequin lace trim, pink fur trim
Skill level: Beginner
Other tools needed:  X-acto knife, hot glue gun, scissors, sewing machine, screws, screwdriver

Do you have a cat who wants to live like a princess? Then this DIY Adorable Sofa Bed is perfect for them! To get started with this project, you need a cardboard box, a foam sheet, and some fabric of your choosing. The creator of this project added pink fur and sequin lace trim to the final project, but you can always go a different route.
The best part about this DIY sofa bed is that you can easily make it as big or as small as you want. Think about what your cat would appreciate the most.

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What Fabric Do You Choose?

The fabrics you select are essential for making furniture for people and any furniture you might make for a pet. Brocade, velvet, embroidery, and damask fabrics should be avoided because cat claws sink into them like knives in butter.
You need a fabric that can stand the test of time when you have a cat in your life, so go for sturdy materials, like top-grain leather, upholstery with a high thread count, and microfiber upholstery.

How Do You Know Which Bed Is the Best?

It’s all about your cat’s personality and preferences . If they’re more active, choose an interactive seating area, like the tunnel sofa. If your cat prefers to spend the day snoozing, pick something that will put comfort over everything else. You know your cat best, so you will have the best idea of what will work for them.
Cats aren’t always fond of change, and a new chair or couch can make them wary. When you have your new kitty couch, entice your cat with treats and a familiar cushion or blanket to try and encourage them to give the new couch a chance.

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of your crafting skills, there is a couch you can make for your feline friend on this list, and we hope you’re inspired to give one of them a go. Not only will your cat appreciate your hard work, but there’s also something adorable about a feline snoozing on a mini-version of your sofa!

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