Cola the Dancing Siamese Dreams of Being a Spokescat


Let’s be honest, when it comes to life ambitions, most cats aspire to nothing greater than napping and snacking. There’s obviously nothing wrong with that — and it’s definitely part of the feline charm — but occasionally you come across a kitty with much grander plans.

Enter Cola, an Instagram sensation of a cat who’s scheming to become an ambassador for the soda he’s named after. Here’s how he’s gonna reach the top.

Creating a monster

Monster (left) chasing Cola (right) via Instagram

Cola’s backstory begins when his humans decided that their original cat, a Maine Coon called Monster, would benefit from having a companion.

“We thought the fur color of Cola was so special that we chose to adopt him,” recalls his owner Marit. “When we took him home, he crawled out of his basket and just wanted to lie on my lap the entire ride home. He was, and still is, a very calm cat — and not your typical Siamese.”

Oh, and if you were wondering, Monster soon warmed up to his new play pal.

Why “Cola”?

Image via Instagram

So how exactly did a cat come to be named after a world-dominating soda drink?

“We really wanted to choose a name that would fit his fur color, and we thought it looked a bit like Coca-Cola,” explains Marit. “Coincidentally, we love to drink Coca-Cola as well.”

“Another reason is that Monster is named after the Monster Energy drink, so we thought it would be fun to choose another beverage for a name!”

She adds that throughout the years, Cola’s fur has gotten a little darker, so that he resembles his namesake brew even more.

Cat corporate synergy

Image via Instagram

Cola’s Instagram bio makes no attempts to hide his ambition to become a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola. But why would this particular kitty be cut out for the role?

“Coca-Cola stands for happiness, and Cola wants to make everybody happy, too,” says Marit. “I sometimes get messages from people that say Cola’s pictures make their day and that they look forward to seeing new pictures. That’s the most important thing for us!”

She continues, “Cola is also pretty content being inside his home, but of course he would love to ride the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck and spread happiness all over the world!”

A real nose tickler

Image via Instagram

Assuming that Cola eventually snags a position at Coca-Cola, he has plans to roll out some special feline-centric beverages. First up would be a soda for cats — but a non-carbonated one, because all that fizz can tickle a cat’s nose.

“It doesn’t really matter what it would taste like, but it would have to be served in a fountain,” explains Marit of this innovative new drink. “I think every cat deserves his own soda fountain.”

Do the Cola dance

Image via Instagram

When not dreaming up ways to become part of the corporate Coca-Cola behemoth, Cola the cat can be found perfecting his very own dance.

“It’s pretty easy to do, but you have to be in good shape, because it requires a lot of jumping,” says Marit of the cat’s signature moves.

“The Cola dance represents a lot of different dance styles: Sometimes he likes to breakdance, but sometimes he likes to do a tango or cha-cha.”

The secret is in a wand toy.

“I wave them in the air, and he loves to jump at them and does the craziest moves when doing it,” Marit says. “So, I think every cat can learn to dance if they love to play with their humans.”

Hop over to Cola’s Instagram account for more of his antics.

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