Catsters in Tennesse Need Homes NOW: We Can Deliver


There’s a family on Catster I’ve known several years who runs an informal rescue operation in Tennessee. The Mom (appropriately named “Cat”) is amazing. She takes in rejects and nurses them back to health, gets them spayed and neutered, then tries to adopt them out. A few years ago, she was registered as a rescue org, but when they moved to their current location, she didn’t re-submit the paperwork. This is NOT a hoarding situation. They have sufficient acreage so all the cats are comfortable and happy and have the best possible care, and she adopts out as many of her charges as she can. In this economic climate, though, the number of cats getting dumped on her doorstep far exceeds the number she can place in furrever homes.

A few months ago, a perfect storm of circumstances made it impossible for Cat to continue: there is a serious health problem, their income has taken a nosedive due to a major loss in retirement investments, and a job she had counted on getting vaporized with a hiring freeze. Cat adoptions are at a standstill.

Catster friends of this Catster family have rallied to help. A Catster group was formed to promote adoptions and organize a Catster railroad if needed.


  • Buy cat products from Cat on Etsy. She sells kitty tents, greeting cards, boogie mats and related items to raise money for the cats.
  • Volunteer to drive a leg of the Catster railroad to transport adopted cats to their new homes. Even a 100-mile segment anywhere in the U.S. will help.
  • Join the group on Catster to keep up on latest developments in this story and ways to help Cat’s crew.
  • Broadcast this post on your own blogs and networking sites. See the icons directly below this post that say “Share and Enjoy”? Click ’em and you can add to your Facebook Profile, Digg,, and others.
  • Adopt one of the cats listed below. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE (as long as it’s in the U.S.). Through the power of the Catster Railroad, we can arrange transport to your home–all you need to do is say YES!

All of these cats are healthy, happy, have all their shots, and are spayed and neutered. Click the cat’s name or photo for more information, including whether they’re good with kids/dogs/other cats.

Robert Tail
7 yrs old, Male, 15 lbs.

I love all my brothers and sisters inside and outside. I’m very perky and love it when we have visitors. I like to offer my butt to all my human friends, just don’t mess with my stub tail!


1 yr old, Female, 5 lbs and gaining

Gabby just strolled up climbing through the fence asking to be fed. She acted like she was sent here! She’s starved, skinny as a rail, poor baby!

***** ADOPTED!!!! *****

2 yrs. old, Male, 15 lbs.

One day I just showed up! I was just sitting by the little fish pond watching the fishies play when Meowmy decided to to pick up Mickey then she realized it was me! Meowmy thinks I was somebody’s baby then I grew up and they didn’t want me anymore. I LOVE to snuggle. Meowmy thinks I was put in a box or something to be dumped out because I won’t go inside anything, not a bed, box anything. And I’m very nervous of noises that pop (like a BB gun). I’m meowmy’s boy, follow her around like a puppy…ugh did I just say that?? MOL I love to kiss, snuggle and play!

6 yrs old, Female, 14 lbs.

One day when I was a tiny kitty, I was walking along looking at the beautiful butterflies. Well I wandered too far and there I was in the middle of the road and there were cars coming from both directions! Yikes!! All of a sudden a people came running from no where and scooped me up in her arms and took me out of the road! I was tiny and had no place to go, so I went home with her.

I thought I had a furrever home. For a year and a half I had a purrfect life, and I did everything with my Meowmy. Then my dad said my Meowmy could either have me or a baby. So that Meowmy got ridded of me. It was a very sad time for me and I was very depressed, lost most of my hair and didn’t want anybody to touch me. The vet said I was physically fine, it was my nerves and stress of losing my home. It’s been a couple of years now, I’m all better, but I still am sad. Please don’t take a kitty home and love it if you can’t keep it forever…trust me it hurts VERY bad.

3 yrs old, Female, 9 lbs.

I was in a ditch crying my heart out. I was a baby, only 6 weeks old. I was scared and all alone! My daddy came along, picked me up and took me took me to mommy. Oh she gave me the bestest food!!!! I got fat and sassy really quick!

6 yrs old, Male, 16 lbs.

I was in a sawbriar patch and couldn’t get out! A mean person dumped me and I didn’t know any better than to run into the briar patch. The man that owned the car lot close to where I was called mommy and daddy. They brought food, really good smelly food and put it in a trap. I went right in! I was so hungry I didn’t even notice I was trapped. I have a good home now! My eyes were very scratched from the briars, I still have scars… I’m a big stout boy now though!

4 yrs old, Female, 9 lbs.

Hi, I was a rescue…and you know I’m so cute a lot of people came to adopt me. BUT I didn’t want to go, I decided to stay with meowmy and dadddy. I like to stand at the door and scream, weeeyou, weeeeeeeyoooouuuu! I want in, I want out, I want in, I want out!!! TOO FUN!!

3 yrs. old, Male, 10 lbs.

I was wandering around trying to find somebody to love me…every house I stopped at ran me off. I got to where I was afraid of people because they were so mean to me. Well there I was one day wandering around and I went through a fence because I smelled food, and LOTS of other cats. They didn’t take too kindly to me at first but slowly I worked my way into their house and into their food bowls. But oops here came a person! I ran and hid in the barn, but guess what this person put food out for me! Hmmm slowly I let this person get closer and closer. She seemed Ok, all the other cats loved her. I finally gave in after about a month and let her touch me. WOW was that nice!! I crawled into her arms and she petted me, and brushed me. She even took me into the house! Now you couldn’t run me off! I’m home!!!

2 yrs. old, Male, 10 lbs.

One day my brother and me found ourselves dumped out in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly. We were running and running, cars were everywhere! We saw people and tried to get out of the way but we are so little that we just got tired, sat down and started panting. It was soooo hot! We were so scared. Then we saw a lady walking our way, she kept saying kitty, kitty, kitty. We stopped for a minute and she grabbed us up and put us in her car. She took us home and gave us a room all our own, with lots of food and she petted us too. We got to meet some other cats a few days later and they are cool! Especially Robert Tail! The other cats told us that the lady that found us is now our mom, we like that she’s nice! Now we have a home!

8 yrs. old, Female, 14 lbs.

My brother and sisters were born in a garage in a subdivision in Marietta Georgia. We had fun but there were lots of cars around. My mom was like me she has 6 toes on each foot too! I’ve had trouble with mine some the claws turn under and grow into my paw, then the vet has to cut them out. It hurts when they start to grow in, but the vet took out the bad nails now and they haven’t given me trouble in over a year! My other sisters and brother got other forever homes but I got to stay with my mom C.C. My brother Tigger and I were VERY close. He got a new furever home, and I’ve been sort of depressed since he left. My meowmy is sad that she let him go to another home now, she didn’t realize how attached to each other we were.

4 yrs. old, Female

Me and my brother lost our mommy before our eyes were opened. We were under a house starving…luckily a nice couple found us and took us the my new mommy. My new mommy bottle fed me and my brother with another litter that lost their mommy. I love my new mommy!!! I LOVED my bottle!! My brother Crackers got a new forever home, but I stayed with mommy and daddy. I’m just a little love, I walk up and fall over, FLOP in your lap! Just like a noodle! And I run like the wind!!!

Snoop Kitty Kat
5 yrs. old, Male, 10 lbs.

Me and my brother Pixel came from the same place that Teal’c and Bratak came from, the goat farm. The lady brought us to meowmy when we were about 5 months old. My brother depended on me for everything, so I never left his side. Mommy would only let us get adopted together and we did get adopted. BUT about a year and a half later our new daddy decided to get married and move to a new house. His lady friend wanted nothing to do with us…our daddy chose her over us… He brought us to a whole new place in Tennessee, our first meowy had moved but took us back and gave us this forever home

5 yrs. old, Female, 9 lbs.

My sister and brother and me all were born away from people, we were VERY afraid of people at first. A lady coaxed us to her with good smelling food. My brother had a bob tail and my sister had a long tail and they both had long beautiful black hair…well I have short hair with beautiful silver stripes and a half tail with a crick in the end! I’M SPECIAL! My brother and sister went to their forever homes, and I did too. But my new mommy had an awful car crash and got hurt really bad. I was a tiny girl and very hyper, when my mommy started walking on her walker I almost tripped her up several times so I had to go back to my first mommy. My new mommy said she would want me back when she was able to walk again…that was a long time ago…I never heard from her again…

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