Videos of 5 Cats Who’ve Made Friends with Supposed Enemies


Ever been inexplicably attracted to someone you knew was bad for you? You knew three months later you’d be crying on the couch with a bottle of vodka, but you couldn’t stay away. Or maybe they weren’t bad for you so much as totally wrong — like, you knew they enjoyed romantic comedies and you action movies, or they preferred the sun and you the snow. It was never going to work, but you pursued it anyway. (Let’s be honest here: We’ve all done it.)

Our feline friends also have a penchant for pursuing ill-advised relationships, with occasionally charming results. Check out the video evidence.

1. Cat + rat

The relationship between cat and rat is supposed to be predator vs. prey, but when that whole dynamic gets flipped on its head, we’re left with one of the most adorable snuggle sessions in the history of ever.

2. Cat + rabbit + guinea pig + Pit Bull

This sweet, gentle, full-on interspecies cuddle orgy seems improbable — nay, impossible. It makes me want to stop what I’m doing right now and just do a cannonball into the middle of this mess.

3. Cat + fox + eagle

This woman apparently lives in some kind of insane Disney movie where exotic wildlife just chills on her back porch. When she’s not looking, they probably sing three-part harmonies and plot how to steal the blueberry pie cooling on the windowsill. Seriously, there’s a whole series of these videos. It’s the best kind of madness.

4. Cat + squirrel

When an orphaned baby squirrel needed a home, a Mississippi couple passed the job on to their cat, who had just given birth to kittens. The cat immediately treated the kitten as one of her own, nursing, grooming, and cuddling it along with her actual feline young. As a result, the squirrel has learned to purr. Figure that one out, science.

5. Cat + cockatiel

This dynamic bird-cat duo is so tight that the cat allows the bird to preen his whiskers. And look how gently the cat swats at the bird. Just goes to show anything is possible when you believe in love — or the magnitude of feline laziness.

Laugh with us:

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