Cat Shows Coyote Who’s Boss: Live on Video

Karen Nichols  |  Oct 28th 2010

Coyotes are the bane of many pet owners. Whether you live in the sticks, the ‘burbs, or near Manhattan’s Central Park, your pets are vulnerable to coyote attacks anytime they’re outdoors. And cats never come out on the winning side of those encounters.

Until this week in Huntington Beach, CA. Check out this video of surveillance footage of one courageous cat who was fed up with coyote intimidation and just wasn’t gonna take it anymore. In the video, you can see Tigger arching his back and staring down the coyote face-to-face.

The coyote feigns indifference to the fearless feline and circles a shed looking for tender young juicy cats to eat. Tigger then startles the coyote, and charges him, chasing him over a fence.

Cat 1, Coyote 0.

WTG, Tigger!

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