Monday Miracle

Giselle the Itty Bitty Cat Takes Huge Strides Toward Recovery

The dwarf cat who weighs less than 3 pounds overcame health problems and found a home.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Nov 28th 2016


The story of Giselle involves a tiny cat with a lot of big issues.

When she showed up at the Boston MSPCA shelter, she was so small she could literally fit in the palm of a human hand — despite already being two years old. But against some pretty steep odds, this dwarf Munchkin cat now looks forward to spending her days in a warm and safe forever home.

Writing to the Instagram account that was set up in October to help spread awareness and get her adopted, Giselle explained, “When I first arrived at the shelter I was matted and pretty scared. I was having trouble breathing and walking, and I was bumping into things.”

After vets shaved off her mats, a keen-eyed neurologist discovered that Giselle was stumbling into objects and furniture when she tried to get around because she was blind.

An X-ray that was taken at the time also showed up the double whammy of an underdeveloped rib cage and a lung infection.

At that point, an oxygen mask was pulled out to help Giselle get through her physical ailments.

Describing the diagnosis of her breathing problems, Giselle told her followers: “My lungs are being constricted by my tiny ribcage — which makes breathing difficult when I get stressed.

“I will also definitely need to be on pain medication for the rest of my life because my large head puts a lot of pressure on my spine, and my joints are not well-formed.”

After being prescribed a plan of medication designed to alleviate her breathing difficulties, Giselle was deemed ready to go into a local foster home. There she discovered two things:

First, that she is a belly-rub enthusiast.

Second, that she is not at all impressed with dogs — as the foster home’s resident Tuna discovered.

Even though she is happy scarfing down bowls of wet food, Giselle’s growth has been slow. Weighing only two and a half pounds, below you can see her standing next to Butters, one of the in-house felines at her local vet. For the sake of scale, Butters is said to be an average size cat.

Giselle’s diminutive stature presents a couple of day-to-day issues. When it comes to walking around, she literally moves like a munchkin. A video posted to Instagram shows her waddle-and-roll style in full flow.

Also, because Giselle’s front paws are so short, she cannot reach her face to clean it.

After setting up her Instagram account — where she was endearingly introduced as Stumpy Cat — applications to adopt Giselle flooded in. Potential homes from 20 states offered themselves, but in the end she plumped for a residence barely 20 minutes drive away from the Boston MSPCA, where she’ll live with a human who has experience with special-needs cats and a couple of other kitties to keep her company.

While Giselle settles into her new abode, don’t forget to follow along with her giant steps via Instagram.