Cat People Problems: Is Your Feline Friend a Scaredy Cat?


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The editors of Catster Magazine’s print edition are always on the lookout for what we call “cat people problems.” The remarks below are among the responses chosen for the November/December 2016 issue to a question regarding scaredy cats.

Does your cat hide under the bed when the doorbell rings or look at you like you’re an ax murderer when you enter the room? We asked readers to tell us what your cat is afraid of. You can add to the discussion in the comments section below.

My Pruitt hides under the bed every time I come home. He won’t come out for at least 15 minutes. It’s like he hears my voice but isn’t convinced it’s really me.
— Teresa Moore

Rocky [pictured below] is my antisocial watch cat. He loves to look out the windows. I always known when someone comes to the door because he growls and runs upstairs. He’s terrified of strangers.
— Kelly Kissick Overstreet


Our cat runs to answer the intercom, but when someone comes to the door, he runs the other way.
— Dawn Butcher

One of my cats is afraid of cords. The other is afraid of our freezer.
— Alex Harrell

One of ours spooks at knocks or doorbells on TV.
— Jess Harvey

Plastic bags scare my cat! When I bring groceries home, she hides until all the plastic bags are gone.
— Dawn Parkin- Bradshaw

Cute funny cat in a plastic red bag.. seeming to think "Please, help me!" his eyes are so expressive!
Photo by Shutterstock

My Walle runs at every sound. He loathes the vacuum and ceiling fan.
— Tami Wilde Tactacan

The sound of aluminum foil crin- kling scares my cat.
— Deborah Fisher

Kobe [pictured below] is my “guard cat.” Whenever someone knocks on the door,
he growls. Then he runs off.
— Tammie Ekkelboom

Kobe looks pretty fearless here.

We rescued a feral kitten from a trash can five years ago. She growls whenever she hears the FedEx truck or if she senses thunder from far off. She doesn’t react the same when it’s the UPS man. Go figure!
— Jay Robinson

One word: VACUUM.
— Francis Pillman


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