Each day throughout the holiday season The Cat’s Meow will showcase an adoptable cat seeking a home in time for the holidays.

Today’s featured cat is Jasper, a plus-sized hunk o’ love who is waiting for that purfect Home 4 the Holidays where he can spend his sunset years. Can you make room in your heart for this hefty senior with a heart of gold?

Here’s Jasper’s story:

Hello, my name is Jasper and I was born in 1994. Everyone says Im overweight, but I thought love handles were a good thing! Besides, Ive lost two pounds since Ive been at the Kitty Korner. I have tattoos inside my ears, so some people think I may have originally come from Canada. My favorite thing to do is watch T.V. I am not a fan of other cats, but I love people. Especially people who brush me in the places I cant reach to scratch!

PetFinder ID: 2746905
ARFs Kitty Korner
Muncie, IN

Learn more about Jasper here.