5 Ways I’m Exactly Like a Cat


Cats are bizarre creatures, with some very interesting, distinct characteristics — many of which I share. I’ve always been a cat owner and cat lover, and I can’t get enough of them. But sometimes, I actually think I might be part cat — throughout the years, the evidence has continued to mount. What evidence, you ask? Here I present five ways I am exactly like a cat.

1. I can always sleep — always

Seriously, I could drink a triple-venti-extra-shots-super-strong coffee and fall asleep 30 minutes later. I’ve spent lots of my life trying to figure out why I am always tired, and I can fall asleep at the drop of the hat. I’ve ruled out all sorts of health problems, and the only thing that remains is that I’m basically part cat. Really, it’s the only explanation.

2. I’m a heat seeker

I find it amazing how quickly my cats can find the warmest spot in the apartment (it’s currently the bath mat, which is positioned on top of a heating vent) and then spend the entire winter there. Or squeeze into the one sliver of sunlight that’s reflecting on the floor, and sit there for hours on end. They love to be super warm, and are almost magnetically drawn to the spots that will make that happen.

And, as you may have guessed, I’m similar. I’m pretty much always cold and can never get enough warmth. I’ll pile on five layers of clothes, three blankets (really, I sleep with a down comforter plus two soft blankets underneath and on top of it), and top it all off with a hot water bottle pretty much every night of winter. I’ll sit directly in front of a fireplace for hours and be totally fine. I. love. heat.

3. I can fall asleep — and stay asleep — in some weird positions

I don’t know if my cats are perpetually testing out model poses, or if they just end up with their bodies contorted in weird positions by chance — but either way, I’m not one to judge.

It surely relates to the whole being-able-to-always-sleep thing, but I often end up sleeping in some bizarre positions.

4. I have no concept of personal space

As far as cats are concerned, the closer the better — with each other and with human or other animal friends. I’ve woken up many a morning with a cat sleeping on my face, literally. But I don’t even mind it — in fact, I kinda love it — because I’m the same way. Do I sleep on people’s faces? No. But I get as close as I can without alienating everyone I love. My fianc├® doesn’t understand why, when we’re hanging out on our large couch, I have to be sitting next to him, with as little air between us as possible. What can I say? It’s the cat in me.

5. I like feeling enclosed

This kind of goes along with that no-personal-space thing, but I actually like feeling enclosed. I love the idea of forts, and canopy beds and reading at night in a blanket cave of my own making (seriously, I do that). When I was a kid, I created a reading nook in my closet and tried to hang a curtain along the wall-less side of my bed so it’d feel like a cozy little space. It’s basically the same as cats climbing into every box, bag, box spring, or small, enclosed space they see.

What about you? How are you like a cat? Tell us in the comments!

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About Emma Sarran: After a stint in New York City (and a brief affair with thin-crust pizza), Emma Sarran returned to her native Chicago, where she grew up loving Michael Jordan, lakeshore beaches, and deep dish. An eclectic personality, she writes about topics including travel, fashion, and relationships, often on her blog, Sarrandipity. She spends more time than she should admit talking to her two cats, Harlem (who has no sense of personal space) and Squeak (who’s afraid of her own shadow). Follow her on Twitter.

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