Everyone Loves My Cats! 5 Compliments I Hear Constantly


Everyone thinks her cat is the prettiest/cutest/funniest/smartest one ever. We’re proud of our kitties and beam like crazy when someone compliments them, because then we know we’re not alone in appreciating their glorious perfection.

I receive compliments about my cats from our vet and her staff, friends, family, online buddies, and anyone who will patiently ogle my iPhone full of cat photos. Here are five of the ones I consistently receive. There are plenty more, of course!

1. “I love Cosmo’s whiskers!”

Cosmo is a tuxie boy with a primarily black face, which makes his bright white whiskers totally pop. And they’re long whiskers, which make him look even cooler. I like to smooth his whiskers against his cheek and enjoy the color contrast … because he’s like a piece of art.

2. “Phoebe is so smart!”

Phoebe is always on the go and bores easily. Guests often comment as they watch her move around the room, entertaining herself with anything and everything. And when she’s obsessed with something, she’ll do whatever she’s can to get it, even if it means devising an elaborate plan to move unnoticed from the floor to wherever her target is located. She’s a little genius-ninja!

3. “Saffy’s gorgeous!”

Saffy was blessed with a luxuriously fluffy coat that’s gray, but sometimes shines like silver in the right light. Her tail is massive and her lengthy whiskers sweep out from her short, velvety muzzle. She has the mostly lovely gaze, and when she’s looking at you, you feel like you’ve just been noticed by a famous actress or something.

She’s also the only one of the cats that seems to be sitting in perpetual pose nearly all the time, making pretty-kitty photos a snap. People online and offline often admire her beauty, and how could I disagree?

4. “Cosmo’s coat is so sleek!”

It’s true. His black-and-white coat is silky-smooth and gloriously glossy. At his last vet visit, his doctor went on and on about his gorgeous coat. I wish you were at my house right now so you could touch it. You’d never be the same.

5. “Phoebe’s nine?”

I’ve always thought of Phoebe as a kitten, even as she passed the transitions into adulthood and now her senior years. She’s a nine-year-old cat but acts like a frisky little kitty. Yep, she’s small, too. She’s always weighed between six and a half and seven pounds. Friends who visit only occasionally say, “I always forget how small she is!” Her medical file may say she’s been on this planet for nine long years, but her activity level and size make her seem like a much younger cat. I think Phoebe’s going to live forever.

What kinds of compliments do you receive about your cats? Share them here so we can all know how wonderful your cat is!

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