5 Things I Love About Cats’ Tails


I recently wrote about the glory of cats’ noses, particularly those of my own three kitties. I could go on and on about most feline body parts, but this post would be incredibly long and you might get tired of reading it. But if you’re like me, you could think about cats all day, so it wouldn’t ever be an issue. Today, however, will be all about cats’ tails, particularly those of my own three kitties; however, I’m quite certain you can relate!

Here are five things I love about my cats’ tails.

1. The curl

It’s cute enough when cats curl up into a tight little ball (Phoebe looks a little like a cinnamon roll), but when they finish off the form by curling their tails up around their heads, it’s impossibly adorable. Cats usually don’t do anything halfway — every piece of their poses are beautifully executed. Sometimes I’ll pull a tail out of the curl to pet it, and it retracts right back into the round of a cat … like a fuzzy little tape measure.

2. The flip

You know when a cat doesn’t seem to be paying attention to you, so you talk to them and they simply respond with a cocked ear or a flip of the tail? “Yeah, I hear you — I’m just not turning around until you have something really cool to offer me … like a treat or warm pile of towels.” It totally cracks me up when they do this flippy thing, which really is sometimes more of a “flip off.”

3. Butt-to-tip petting

One of my favorite ways to pet a cat is by starting at the top of the head and then smoothing my hand all the way back, eventually “snapping” at the top of the tail. No, I don’t snap their tail off or anything like that — it’s just kind of a quick movement at the tip of the tail. As soon as I place Saffy’s food on the floor, I immediately pet her from her butt to the tip of her tail. It’s become a little ritual for us. And her tail is massive — who wouldn’t want an opportunity to lay their hands on that?

4. Tidy tail

Like the curly tail, the tidy tail circles around the kitty’s body, but just around the feet. I’m always amused when cats sit so tidily, with their tail wrapped perfectly around their fuzzy little paws. There’s no sloppiness about it. Dogs usually have everything airing out, but cats typically look neat and pulled together. The tail is like the bow on that look.

5. Shaky tail

Based on what I know about the language of the cat tail, when the tip of the tail begins to quiver and the kitty acts excited, that means they are ecstatic to see you. I’m here to tell you this is definitely the case Phoebe. When we walk in the door she does this move where she weaves in and out of our legs, the whole time with the tip of her tail quickly quivering like the tail of a rattlesnake. It’s just the cutest!

What do you love about your cats’ tails? Tell us in the comments!

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