How to Catify and Accessorize Your Home and Yourself


When you have lived and breathed the same space as your cats for many years, you may find one day that you are consciously or subconsciously wearing the same stripes or spots or Siamese pattern and colors as your furbaby.

We already know what they say about dog owners — how they tend to resemble their dog after being companions for a long time. I believe that this universal truth also applies to humans who are owned by cats. However, (some of) us cat lovers tend to go further overboard than dog lovers when it comes to accessorizing with our furbabies and “catifying” our homes. That’s not a bad thing. Here are some tips on catifying your home and yourself.

1. Catify your home

If you are a true catlady or catlord, your home will already have been adorned with enough cat stuff to fill up a dump truck. Many of those things will, no doubt, match your own cat’s fur pattern, and you will probably have your walls full of pictures or even paintings of your babies.

Like myself, you will either have things custom-made to match your kitties, or you may find stuff randomly in the shops or on the Internet that resembles your cat, like the fridge magnet and decorative plate you see in the picture below, whose kitties look exactly like my tabby twins Spider and Lugosi:

A fridge magnet and decorative plate (above) look exactly like Spider and Lugosi (below).


There’s also this china cup and trinket box with a Spider lookalike sitting next to a crystal ball:

Spider with his own cup and box
Spider’s double on a cup and trinket box.

And a cup sporting a double of my ginger girl Ruby:

Ruby and her cup
Ruby’s mug on a mug.

The same goes for furniture — one day I came home with a rug from IKEA and only saw how it perfectly matched Lugosi and Spider’s tabby fur color when they were sitting on it.

Spider and Lugosi matching tabby rug
Spider and Lugosi with matching rug.

Somebody recently offered to do a pencil drawing from a photo of my three rascals, and the end result was just wonderful:

Lugosi Spider Ruby pencil drawing
Beautiful pencil drawing by Thomas Baden-Riess (

Catify your clothes and hair

If you are owned by a Siamese cat, you might find yourself one day to have a flair for light grays and blues, or even subconsciously shop for things in those colors without knowing you’re doing so. If you are owned by a Persian, you may notice that you have a tendency to like and wear fluffy things adorned with long fur.

Siamese cat fashion
Siamese cat fashion – Cat Tie from “PictureGiftProducts” on Zazzle.

My cats are tabbies, so naturally I tend to like stripey things quite a lot. I never used to in the past, but I seem to buy clothes with stripes without noticing until later that they actually match my cats. That goes for furniture, too.

Socks that I bought, not realizing until later that they match my girl Ruby.

My best friend is owned by a beautiful shaded golden Persian called Janelle. When I first met her, her hair was an almost white blonde. However, over the years, it appears that she has adapted more and more to match Janelle’s fur color.

My friend with hair like Janelle
My friend’s hair color matches that of her cat.

Catify your cat’s toys

Sometimes you may even go so far as to buy cat toys that look just like your cat. See this photo of Ruby with all her little ginger “friends”:

Ruby with matching cat toys

Catify your nails

Whether you have a tabby striped or spotted cat, British blue, Siamese, or black or ginger Persian, you will find hundreds of colors to match your cat. If you don’t have the patience or creative ability to paint cat designs onto your nails, you can also get some fabulous nail transfer stickers, which are very easy to apply. Or you could go for those stick-on nails, of which there are many different cat designs, too. In the photo below I have applied a gold color, topped by a black crackle varnish, creating a nice tabby cat effect — see my toes matching Spider’s little paws.

Black crackle glaze on top of gold will create a nice tabby effect.
Siamese Dahlia Nail Art
Cute Siamese Nail Art from

If you have a black cat, you may want to match his color with pretty nail transfers. I got these in Tokyo.

Black Cat Nail Stickers

Catify your car

Cars can be catified with stickers, sun shades, seat covers, rugs, nodding cats or hanging cats with suckers to stick on windows. Even though I have not (yet) “tabbified” my car with stripes all over, I have all of the above, plus a cute cat on my rear window with a moving tail sticker on the rear wiper — of course, for me it had to be a tabby. Get a similar one here.

Car Sun Shade Cat
Kitty Sun Shades for the car.
sylvester headrest covers
Sylvester the Cat headrest covers.

Catify your brain

Lastly, you will probably have cats on the brain. You think, dream, live, and breathe cats every minute of the day, and before going to sleep “cats” is your last waking thought. No wonder you are subconsciously buying things that match your cat.

Cats on my brain

My theory is that our kitties do have the telepathic powers that we always suspected they had, and they use these to manipulate us to do all of the above without us consciously knowing it.

Have you catified the things in your life? Tell me in the comments.

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About the Author: Barbarella Buchner — Ailurophile. Geeky Goth Girl. Ex-Musician Singer/Songwriter. Photographer. Web Designer. Fibromyalgia + RA Sufferer. And totally mad. She originally hails from Hannover (Germany), then moved to London, and since 2004 has lived on the tropical island of Lanzarote, together with her tabby twins Lugosi & Spider, and ginger queen Ruby Akasha. Apart from being an avid hobby — and sometimes even paid. — photographer, she works as a freelance web and graphic designer and occasional Catster contributor. She designed and maintains her local cat charity 9 Lives Lanzarote‘s website.

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