Carrie Ann Inaba Chats with TCM about Her Housecat Housecall


Dancing with the Stars luminary Carrie Ann Inaba doesn’t spend all of her time analyzing Kate Gosselin’s foxtrot or Jane Seymour’s samba. When she’s not beneath the disco ball, she’s doting on her 5-housecat household.

Not long ago, she had just three cats (Shadow, Taz and Squeaker), but then her boyfriend, Jesse Sloan, moved in with his two cats, Zeus and Mia. Sorta like a feline version of The Brady Bunch.

Merging households can be stressful for cats, and Carrie Ann appreciated that fact and worked hard to make the transition as easy on the cats as possible. Before the move, she took her three cats to her boyfriend’s house, and had her cats meet his cats on their own turf which eased some of the territorial issues. Even though she didn’t encounter big problems with the merger, she still wanted to make sure she was doing everything she could to ensure her cats were happy.

Which brings us to her appearance on Purina Cat Chow’s Housecat Housecall with Dr Katrina Warren.

Dr Kat, a cat behavior expert, acknowledged that Carrie Ann was doing a lot right, but she still had some tips and tricks to share with Carrie Ann to help cats deal with additions to the household and thus avoid problems like fighting or inappropriate marking.

In an exclusive interview, Carrie Ann chatted with The Cat’s Meow about her appearance on the show:

TOMORROW: The Cat’s Meow talks to Dr Katrina Warren, star of Purina Cat Chow’s Housecat Housecall.
MONDAY: We’re giving away Housecat Housecall Season 2 DVDs with Purina Cat Chow swag!

Watch Carrie Ann on Housecat Housecall presented by Purina Cat Chow on Saturday morning, June 18th at 10:30am, and Sunday morning, June 19th at 8 am on Animal Planet.

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